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It's a good spell for when you're in a pinch and the opponent already knows all your moves. I use this from the beginning of the game just to master it I tend to always get to use in combat
"...spreading chunks that stagger opponents and do heavy poise and stamina damage"
-Implying that Poise even works in Dark Souls 3
It works.
"It works"
No, hyper armor does. Poise doesn't.
Hyper armour is based on your poise. It definitely works, just not the same as it did in DS1.
Working as intended™



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"It works" No, hyper armor does. Poise doesn't." No dumbass, Poise affects Hyper Armor
Boulder heave+poison/acid mist super op in hallways and just about every where else
This spell single-handedly got me through the Pontiff Knights in Irithyll; was so tired of their seemingly unlimited endurance and sweeping attacks that I said 'to hell with them' and equipped this. Stunlocking them never felt more satisfying, and with enough INT/FTH you can kill them with three rocks to the face.
Turns Tsorig into a joke
It's the stone spell from kings field 1 (north America) and the disc throwing miracle is alot like wind cutter
Is it just me, or has the vertical limit of this spell been severally nerfed?
Stone Cannon! Rock Bullet!
from my mouth? ouchy.
the rock`s coking!, by the ways the damage do not lower over distance.