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Is is poosible to Parry the Demons fist? i just don't know if i can parry someone while their using this
yes, I was parried using it earlier.
Yep. Also, the R2 slam at the end of the weapon art can be parried.
This weapon looks awesome, perhaps atomic, just would like more int/faith scaling
This weapon is not clocking in at 5.5 weight, i currently have 65.7% WR and equipping this puts me at 73.1% WR, not visual bug either, at perfect 64.50%% it still puts you over incorrectly
5.5 carry weight is different to 5.5 weight percentage.
I'm currently using this for a Yang Xiao Long cosplay build with bursting fireball, sacred flame, and GCFB. Just a fun fact, all NPC invaders can get stunlocked with a full weapon art to sacred flame, back to weapon art, so on and so forth. I bullied the Pale shade without taking a hit.
defeating abyss watcher with this weapon its easy , but littlebit tricky , , check this video ----
You spin me right round baby right round~
I feel i need to mention. A Chaos Infused Ceastus as the same stat spread for this weapon. Is actually better damage wise on a Pyro build.
Try this +5 with fire clutch and flynn's while wearing Master's set, loincloth and ragged mask and you can do some major damage before quickly rolling away