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Even if you remove all the enemies in his way and follow him he will just randomly die at one point.
in my case he dies in the forest behind fire pigs where the skeletons appears from the ground
I forgot to follow him and now can't find him or the beach. Where is it? I need to find it to find fane right?
No, you can find Fane behind some plants "hiding" a passage when walking from the initial beach to the Fort.
you can retrieve the gloves without the quest by killing the croco on the location (well i did errend...)


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You might as well do the quest for the XP
He attacks me because teleport damage reflect...
i had killed the crocodiles before getting quest. the gloves never dropped
Thats weird, Ive actually never done the quest because he always said I had to do it alone and Ive gotten the gloves from them multiple times.
I did this quest on first play through, I was thoroughly exploring the island after and found him running around randomly on the west beach (where the source hound and dead magister is). I couldn't talk to him so I followed him to see where he was going then he just suddenly died. Kinda funny, but I wonder why the devs didnt just spawn his corpse instead of having him run to where the corpse is supposed to be.