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Seems this quest is bugged or unfinished. Completed the Arena and it tells me to talk to "Thoia, The Thorny One", when I do she asks who do I want to challenge next without giving me a choice. "Sepp the Burnished One" is mentioned by several NPCs to be an important character but seems to have no impact on this quest.

Definitely seems unfinished. I assume you were supposed to be able to challenge each of the NPCs around her.
so after the first fight she says you should speak with the "burnished one" . Make sure you speak to him with the same you character you started the first fight. should give you a new chat option
I did the first fight... and now She is asking me who do I choose to fight but I have no option but '' taake my leave''
If you are playing the multi-player the second fight is a PVP match. otherwise, there isn't a second fight.


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"If you are playing the multi-player the second fight is a PVP match. otherwise, there isn't a second fight."

After which speak with the Blacksmith up in the fort.
Finished the fight with the NPCs with one friend remaining, says we were defeated?
I tried this quest on Solo player. It didn't have any option to let me advance so I thought I would need to get the collars removed off every one of my characters so I did the quest line up to the point where I'm about to leave the island and I went back, nothing has changed. I've tried every combo I could to move onto the next battle. The quest is still broke. 9/21/17
if you want all your parties collar removed, just do this mission and nebora will remove your main character collar. how do you get your other party's collar? i dunno how it happened that all my parties collar are all gone. they are all gone when i killed alexander near the shore. man, i wish this game has a witcher influence on it, like i can screw most of the characters but i guess this game is only pg-13. booo hooo!
oh my mistake, its not about the collar but yeah, i went to the boat now and left with malady for act 3. this is one of the quest that i didnt finish and i think you are right, its kinda bugged. i wasnt called the one. sucks man, also the gratiana quest. i was hoping to do all quests before leaving but i have two closed quests on my journal.....
Was playing co-op with a friend, after the first fight we got an option to fight each other. After our PvP was done and I was the only one alive, we were just stuck in the arena and had to load the previous save to get out.
You can also kill all the people down there (Thorny one etc) to aquire Nebora's service if it bugs out
For people still wondering why the quest won't complete after Noosey removed your collar, the quest continues in the next arena in act 2.
The only reason I googled it, thank you. I'll add it to the page.
Nonsense, it says "We have ventured onwards, without fully exploring the fighting arena of Fort Joy." after you leave. And it says "We should speak with Thola, the Thorny One, to see what's next." before that. The quest text is broken.


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Wait...Noosey removes collars? Since when? Its been Nebora since pre-release, did I miss something?
Do I have to get the chests in the arena during the fight or is there any other way?
There are only some scrolls in the chests, no items.
no "Must have"