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But intestines plus bottle is water balloon.
Sharp Piece of Metal + Knife = Arrowhead
Sharp Rock + Knife = Arrowhead (x3)
Any Weapon + Ooze Barrel = Adds poison damage to weapon.
(came here to find a way to add other elemental damage to weapon, but didn't find anything)
Check the runes section
Any Weapon + Eternal Plate = Adds Air damage to weapon
Thanks for the info about Air Damage.
Regarding runes section: no, this is different.
Warning! Don't do this on the island! I did this accidentally and all my great weapons became useless against the dozens of undead you end up fighting there. The healing really messes up your damage output.
Empty Bottle + Yarrow Flower makes a Healing Elixir, which restores 80 hp. It's a nice middle ground in-between minor and medium Healing Potions.
actually it restores 80% HP
but doesn't say that. since u probably had 100HP it said 80 HP
Empty Potion Bottle + Intestines doesn't work to create a Poison Bottle (as healing for undead). Invalid combination.
Ferocity Herbmix : Drudanae + Augmentor
Enlightenment Herbmix : Drudanae + Calocera
Alertness Herbmix : Drudanae + Puffball
Courage Herbmix : Drudanae + Farhangite

Potent Ferocity Herbmix : Void-Tainted Crimson Bream + Ferocity Herbmix
Potent Enlightenment Herbmix : Void-Tainted Umber Monkfish + Enlightenment Herbmix
Potent Alertness Herbmix : Void-Tainted Yellow Ridgeback + Alertness Herbmix
Potent Courage Herbmix : ?? + Courage Herbmix (?)
bench saw + log = long branch
Yarrow Flower + Poison Bottle = Empty Bottle
Long Branch + Sharp Metal = Primitive Harpoon (Best melee weapon for starting)


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Void-Enhanced Poison is wrong
Correct components are:
small poison bottle +Void-Touched Livewood Fragments

Can you please make a tab with all recipes so I can ctrl+f and find the ingredients?!?!?1
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