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Also if lucky charm activates looting an object you can reload a previous save, loot everything up until that point again, and save scum for stats as well as go loot from a different object to spawn a different item (Example, you loot a belt you can load the save, go to a different barrel, and get boots, and proceed to save scum the item for the stats you want)
You can get Divine items aswell from Lucky charm, Not sure what minimum level is required but i think it's 6.
I have yet to find a Divine item with Lucky Charm on rank 9 - so I don't think 6 is enough.
The character with Lucky Charm has to be the one opening all the containers to get it to trigger? Or can you get the bonus if someone in your party has Lucky Charm?
Only LuckyCharm owner trigger it, sadly.
retested this after release of patch 143.909

maxed at 5, +1 from gear (so LC at 6)

opened 200 containers in Act 1

-very first trigger was an epic level dagger, (level 2, heh), so you can find epic gear right from the start in act 1.
-most of the gear was either rare or epic level, with a few magic pieces but no legendary.
-the gear was usually better than what vendors were selling, and most of my best gear was from LC up to level 7.
-adds a bit more interest to opening every container you see.

conclusion: totally worth maxing this skill on one character, still.

I don't think this is true:
Only triggers with the one with this talent, not the teammates.

Got 0 luck on my main char, but 7 on companion and got legendary boots from fish barrel and clover with sound.
Yeah that's still possible. It definitely is true though, I tried opening things with my main guy ALL the time ( 0 Luck) then I started opening with my other char who has luck 5+ and was getting items all over the place. Unless they recently changed this.
As of the latest patch, lucky charm is shared among the party. If any char opens any loot container for the first time, it uses the chance of the highest-level lucky charm anyone in the party has. So you don't have to worry anymore which char you loot with.
The rarity of your "bonus loot" depends on the loot containers level. For example: Divine items are available once you reach level 16 on your characters, as such, you can only find Divine items in loot containers which are able to spawn level 16+ items. I did find my first Divine item via Lucky Charm on the Bloodmoon Isle and a lot more frequent on the Nameless Isle. Same applies to Legendary items, which usually start being available in Act 2 etc. -- My Lucky Charm rank is 10 currently, yet I am not sure if the actual rank of Lucky Charm determines the possible rarity you find or rather how frequently you actually "trigger" the bonus loot - I feel like the latter is the case.
You're at rank 10 because of +5 from gear, right?
from Leric:
as per my experience the higher your Lucky Charm is increases the chance of finding extra loot. With LC 1-2 I had lets say 5-10% chance to find more items, while with LC 5 I have around 10-20% chance to find something extra in the "barrels" (actually in every kind of stash)
If a chest is locked, will lucky charm proc from the person who picks the lock? Or can I pick the lock with a high thievery character and switch to my lucky charm character to open it?

(I only just started the game, so forgive me if that's not how lock picking works)
If I'm not mistaken, this should work just fine.
Yeah, Lucky Charm only applies when you click the chest to open it and get the loot window.
As long as the thievery character only lockpicks and doesn't open the chest, you can still click it with the lucky charm character to get the chance of extra loot.

Once any loot container has been opened (so that you see the loot) once by any char though, you can't proc lucky charm on it anymore if it didn't happen on the first opening.
151.229 patch: If I have 8 lucky charm (5 base + 3 from gear) the luck bonus will never trigger, however if I decrease it to 6, gears start pouring. Definitely needs fixing....
It now triggers off of teammates