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Weapon story updated. Upgrades table needs to be rechecked as much of the info was incorrect. Atk values, combo values,, and abilities for Lv 4 were updated, but the rest of the table needs to be updated with the correct data.
Also can be bought from the forest blacksmith in the castle, along with machine spear + machine axe.
Kills with the Shockwave don't count as weapon kills.
In other words don't use it if you're trying to rack up the number of defeated enemies with your Machine Brand weapons.

Also kills made by your partner don't count as well.
Idk if the Machine Brand stat is that good, but apparently it's max +500 dmg. Not max 500 enemies. I still need to test if it's 500 cumulative damage(light attack and heavy attack combined) or if it's both +500 for light attacks and + 500 for heavy attacks. If it's the later, Machine Brand weapons are probably the best weapons stat wise since damage chips are multiplicative. Need more testing. Will try to update.
Nvm i misschecked. It's 500 enemies. Macine brand is not worth it.
Wow, a weapon story that actually ends in a cheerful note!
I’m guessing this story is from the point of view of Adam.
Does Machine Brand apply retroactively? As in, if I get the weapon, make 500 kills, and then upgrade to Lv. 4, will it already be maxed or will I have to get 500 more?