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So you have to be an elf or have an elf in your party?
Yes, or have Fane in your party. Use the shapeshifting mask to turn into an Elf.
I guess only with Elf. I tried to use "See Ghosts" skill, but there was only Ghost of dead shark.
The coordinates for the shark are wrong, it's X: 457 Y:-46
I done the quest without Elf. Do this:
1. Kill the shark
2. Equip "Fane's mask of the Shapeshifter" (If you still have it. Found it in Act 1 somewhere. I don't remember where exactly. Also I think I saw something like that Mask in some vendors. Not sure.)
3. Transform into the Elf
4. Eat the leg (Inside the shark)
5. Go back to kids and tell them sh*t news

i think i killed the shark at the start and eat the leg before getting the quest can`t solve it now ...
This is quite *******, I dumped the leg to god knows where. How am i suppose to know that leg is important and link to another quest? So i can't finish this quest now?
There should be a ultimate way to finish a quest.
If you don't tell them the truth, you get no loot or exp. This was missing from the walkthrough.