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I've had several issues with these creatures, amounting to basically my salt being permanently lost if I ever fall for one. It keeps giving my Salt to actual inanimate objects, meaning that if a mimku kills me, my salt will be glowing on a lever or a platform, and there's no way to recover it. Most egregiously is right after Mal. I had just beaten the boss, and attacked both chests that you find past her, then went to open them. After the second one somehow turned out to be a mimku, my Salt is now attached to a lever, which I cannot interact with in any way. Anyone else having *****ty mimku problems?
The same thing just happened to me. I came on here looking for a solution.
Yep, just opened the chest after untouched inquisitor, never having seen one of these before. Said my salt was stolen by a whisperman, killed the mimku and every whisperman in the vicinity. No salt. GG like 4 levels worth of salt.
Man, I know how you feel.
I just got done fighting The Untouched Inquisitor and it went by fast and easy first try. Went to get my spoils of war and now I'm out 20k+ salt. Even DS Mimics aren't that hardcore. It does suck*****. I got the whole Whisperman message too.
So we now have the Mimic's 2D cousin.
He can drop Pruina Scutum ( a Class 4 Tower Shield)