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It says both
1m is how much it was tested with and how much souls you would usually have, 109m is the cap
why is everything always great swords ;-;
hehe especially in bed
its a size comparison, you don't go around fighting bugs with a toothpick do you? no, you use a giant *****ing hammer. so it stands to reason giant bosses would use giant *****ing swords to fight bug sized players
hehe especially in bed
Because dark souls
Because bigger is better apparently.
so basically the sword is a piece of *****...great

there I was thinking I was gonna be going around one shotting stuff like King Ven-*****head...
The article says the cap for the max amount of damage is at 1 million but then talks about what the damage is at 10 million. What's the actual cap?
1 million
Does this mean your soul level or the amount of souls that you currently have collected?
amount of souls collected, not on soul memory