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feels bad when you have to end Anri's life at lake/cathedral with the sword he/she gave you
She can be seen among the crowds during the lord of hollows ending.


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Anri is a Japanese name? lol Never knew that. Never heard of it either.
"Erika" too surpringsingly. Shortform "Rika", what you hear more often in japanese shows.


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To people having problems with this questline follow this progress route:

First encounter: Talk to her in Road of Sacrifice.

Second encounter: BEFORE Abyss but after defeating Deacons, she'll appear in Firelink Shrine. Talk to her there.

Third encounter: Talk to her in Catacombs.

Fourth encounter: Talk to her in front of Wolnir boss room. After doing this progress to the Smouldering Lake and kill Horace.

Fifth encounter: Church of Yorshka. If you are following Usurper ending, then this is where her personal questline ends.

Sixth encounter (non-Usurper ending) - You can go to her world and defeat Aldrich in Anor Londo, summon sign is just at the top of the stairs near the two Silver Knights.
Make sure to kill the assassin (disguised as a statue to the right of the church entrance if you are inside the church). You only need to do this if you want to save her and continue her quest. If you want the 'Usurper of fire' ending you need to keep the assassin alive.
On my current playthrough as well as my previousone I fought the Abyss Watchers before the Decans or Crystal Sage and I didn't break the questline. Though I didn't go into the catacombs after beating the Abyss Watchers.
Just something else to note, if you defeat the Abyss watchers before deacons of the Deep you may break the quest line entirely. (in my current playthrough I beat abyss watchers was like oh***** anri needs you to kill deacons but I didn't remember how to get around well and couldn't find the cahtedral thing and she was just chilling there with horace still at that first bonfire..... found the cathedral killed the deacons and then poof they gone from existance and i can buy horaces stuff at the haidmaiden)
I defeated the abyss watchers before the deacons of the deep and it didn't break the questline. I found anri and horace at firelink shrine and the quest went on without any problem
I exhausted all of Anri's dialogue at the church and reloaded the area to let him be assassinated by the pilgrim. He disappeared entirely, so I think I'm doing it right. However before the Pontiff fight, I summoned Gotthard to help me and then I found Anri's summon sign next to the statue. What gives? It says Anri's summon sign only appears before the Pontiff if he WASN'T assassinated? Am I doing this right or is this guide just not clear/acurrate?
and before anyone asks yes I have been following the lord of hollows ending perfectly up until now.
I'm pretty certain Anri's Summon Sign appears outside the boss fight, regardless of which questline you're following. The only Summon Sign that won't appear during the Lord of Hollows questline is the one to help her fight Aldritch.
So one way or another you have you kill her, and no matter how, you get the same sword and spell? May as well do hollow quest.
what are you babbling about? In the Aldritch end she leaves the sword and wents to ashen lake so that you NOT have to kill her (and she won't hurt you). If you go for the hollow end and betray everyones hopes don't search for cheap escuses. The same bs with Yorshka..."I needed that chime and I can only obtain it if I kill her...blame From not me." What is wrong with you that you don't understand that murdering people is evil?
Just saying, you don't have to kill her at all. Even the Lord of Hollows ending, she doesn't die. You can see her in the final cutscene among the hollows.
i accidentely killed anri right before killing horace, and i cant get here to respawn. is there a way to fixs this



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Nope, you're screwed
You kill an npc they don't come back until NG+
Can you help Anri beat Aldrich and still follow the Lord of Hollows quest line?
dont think so, if you follow the lord of hollows questline you will marry Anri before Aldrich so her questline ends there
Those are mutually exclusive. You have to irreparably betray Londor for her to reach aldritch


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Only letting her live so I can do the ending :3 Killing her only grants me a sword, letting her live(die later) gives me her sword and a special ending and---------
So I killed Horace and Anri still died...