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This was supposed to be the end of Dark Souls so a cutscene would have been appropriate. Even though it's just a small detail in all the Ringed City DLC content, it would have made for a really sweet cheery to top it all. And not even cutscene quality like the intro movies, just in-game render like when meeting bosses for the 1st time.
Maybe the ashen one going through the painting and we are able to see the new world that the ashen one will exist in for the rest of his days, that would have been a fitting ending, a sheer glimpse of the painted paradise
I read some comments and theories so here I go with my thoughts:
I think the mentioned necessarity of witnessing "fire" to create a new world as "painting" in the dialogue with the painter lady resembles that humanity needs to do mistakes or more precisely having resistances to overcome to learn from these past experiences. And doesnt this occur to be familiar? Throughout three large Videogames full of Dieing and "Gitting gud" we try to improve ourselves continuously to complete said games. So the final message for me is applyable to our fictional travel in the fantastic world of the souls games but also to our real world, the world is running in cycles due to linking fire (neverending wars etc.) but in the end in that burning Chapel there is a small girl painting a whole new world with the " blood of the dark soul" and for this could mean a suggestion of what to make better, create a better ending world, because we have seen the "fire". The dark Soul originally wasnt meant to be bad but created for example the Abyss by the fact that Manus got tortured, so we just need to put an end to all the awful things we do to our own kind, learn from the past to improve every day a little same as we did in points of gameplay during the games.
PS: a small cutscene at the end would have been nice i guess
Suggesting that the painted world resembles the new born world as it started in the beginning of dark souls would there maybe some difference if youcomplete the cycle over and over again lets say you beat the game as often as you can with the blood-present to the painter everytime, maybe there will be some more to discover? Its unlikely but still that would be a possibiltity no one would discover easily...
Is this the blood?
... the blood of the dark soul?
After all that***** you had to go through to get this, that girl better not screw up her painting
you made my day, sir xD
"Why can't we just GET the Dark Soul?" ...What would you even do with it? Crush it to obtain numerous souls? Transpose it? Or would we throw it at people's faces for minimal damage? I really don't see what people expected. The important part of this DLC was revealing Gwyn's true face, and how he subjugated mankind and left them to rot under the guise of "protecting the Dark Soul." In actuality, he was imprisoning the Pygmy Lords along with the Dark Soul, knowing that if they ever realized their own might, they would easily overthrow Gwyn and the gods.

The reason we find the Blood of the Dark Soul is so that we can provide a haven for the forlorn, a destination for those seeking to escape the curse of the Undead and the inevitable fading of the First Flame. That's why the Painter needed to see fire--in order to give her world its own Flame, one originated from love, born of Ariandel's anguish toward the death of his surrogate daughter, Friede. Otherwise, the story would be left completely at a standstill, with no real resolution to speak of. While the world we've been protecting since DS1 may continue in its spiraling downfall, at least we've created a paradise free from serfdom for weary souls seeking rest, even if that world, too, must eventually fade with the First Flame.
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If you feed it to the skeleton ball crab after bringing him to the passive ember crab it unlocks the secret final boss and ending for dark souls 3
What? What crab? What do you mean?
They mean the little crab that comes from the second skeleton ball in Catacombs. Also, it's troll. Dont bother with it.
None of you get it, do you? "Hand it over, that thing... Your dark soul." We had it all along. We all had it all along. I also wish we had a proper ending, but the absence of one suggests we already know all we should. All the lore we have thus far will point out what to expect of the painting to come.

For all of you saying, "I did all this for nothing," did you even enjoy the game? Did you play to play or did you play just for an ending? Did you enjoy the ride or you forced yourself to see the epilogue? Because either way this isn't your typical RPG where the lore is given to you in a detailed manner on a silver platter.
Exactly. When we kill Gael, we get Gael's dark soul; we just get his soul, which IS a dark soul, just like the player's. Do not forget the origin of humanity: darkness. Their souls are dark souls. All the more for the undead.
Dark soul is the soul of humanity.
Then why would Gael go to the Ringed City to take souls of it's rulers to use as pigment?
Because outside of the Ringed City, the bearers of the Dark Soul-- humanity-- had their souls marked by the Darksign due to Gwyn, Lord of the Sun. This led humanity unable to control the Dark, and afraid of it, weakened and corrupted. Because of the Curse of the Darksign that Gwyn placed upon the descendants of the Pygmy Lords, only the Pygmy Lords themselves had an untainted Dark Soul.

Yes, this means Gwyn is, directly and indirectly, the cause of every single bad thing that's happened in the Dark Souls universe.