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when he smashes occelote in the great ii has a blue explosion effect if you are caught on the blue explosion it depletes your focus points also
Eldrich space baby 2.0. Think about it. Oceiros is embracing the baby, yet the baby still cries. He then gets mad from being rejected and smashes the babY, similar to how Eldrich space baby 1.0 reacted to the hunter not accepting his free hugs. the lore <3


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It gives me the chills thinking that WE actually beat Oceiros' baby to death, so FromSoft had to remove the baby model from the game to avoid problems with certain public. Oceiros should've killed the Ashen One in phase 2.
Easiest boss ever. Sharp warden twinblades with gold pine resin, and just spam L1.



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So Sad, one of four talkable Boss during fight
Last nite slaying him, I realized that he has some HUGE dragon balls. His testicles literally blacked out my screen as I gazed upon the dragon balls.
I forget where it mentions it, but some item in the game states that after Ocelotte was born, the Queen of Lothric quietly disappeared, suggesting Ocelotte isn't just part of Oceiros' imagination, and that Ocelotte's very existence drove the Queen mad. Pfft, if I popped out a half-dragon, do you know how *****ing STOKED I would be?
You're pretty good !
As an item (Divine Blessing?) states, the Queen of Lothric quietly disappeared after Ocelotte was born. Maybe she didn't have the baby in the first place - she might've lost it. Being revered as the goddess of fertility, it is possible that she went insane by losing a child on birth, and then disappeared. That would also, in my oppinion, explain Oceiros' madness.

It's a dumb theory, but hey, still a theory.
But hey, thats just a theory, a game theory.
that is actually pretty good dude! please someone call Vaati