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Mean glitch happened on my friends playthrough with Damian, he just sat at the doorway, not going through an watched my friend get killed......
Im running an arcane build and using ludwig's +9 with fire I wrecked ebreitas like it was nothing.

Stay close to the center and dodge some of the attacks so eventually it will slam down and expose its head for almost 2k damage combos
Ludwig's Holy Blade with all offense poured into Bolt ATK, just as I do with all the other "aquatic" Kin enemies.

She's considerably resistant to Fire, but Bolt is her worst nightmare. I prefer the head-slam provocation tactic, so I typically keep locked on to her head, and Ludwig's Holy Blade +10 with ~550 Bolt ATK does roughly 1500 HP of damage with every hit to her noodle face, transformed or no, without the bother of having to recharge as you would with the Tonitrus, and LHB has about five times the durability. When she bows her head down to create the sonic aura, really let loose on her head as she'll be immobile for a few solid seconds, in which time you'll be able to rack up a combo of about 5000 damage (this is on NG+7, mind you).

The Accursed Brew is also extremely helpful whenever she "dodges" from side to side (she kind of just floats very slowly in a wide arc without attacking), or when she tries to grab you and vore you. Just make sure you're out of her range, and the Accursed Brew normally does about 900 damage when it cooks her noodle face.

The biggest challenge, of course, is dodging her charge. Wait until she starts to actually move and dodge TWICE to either the left or right. Sometimes her back tentacles will still hit you, but they'll do far less damage than her body itself, and you should be able to recover a bit faster. DO NOT TRY TO RALLY BACK YOUR HP! Stick to blood vials, even if you've got the Burial Blade or Hunter Axe equipped. She'll whip around incredibly fast if you attack her backside, and you probably won't even see it coming. There's a ton of room to make dumb mistakes in this fight.
heh, noodle-face
Does she deal physical or arcane damage? or some other type of damage aside from Frenzy bc that Frenzy can be a bag of crystal lizards near a cliff without Frenzy runes and Sedatives. Also be sure to have a way to get insight back as you can easily avoid the frenzy problem by spending all your insight on Blood Rocks. Good way to farm insight is to repeatedly do the first Pthumeru (NOT ROOT bc you get the same layout and bosses each time) dungeon and for the cost of 5000 Echos you can get 8 insight easy, more if you are lucky with your loot.
The last couple of times I've fought her she immediately picked up Damian and ate him leaving me with zero help. Any help for a skill build besides "don't die" or "don't use a skill build" ?
I killed her with the Tonitrus and wearing cainhurst armor, also i use the flamesprayer. But I'll be honest, took me a lot of tries. Or maybe i can help you in co op mode
I also use a skill build and I defeated her without her eating my summon Its about luck i guess because i havent taken any hits.
hardest boss in main game except dungeons
so uhhhh..... anyone gonna make mention how she straight-up resembles the entirety of a woman's reproductive system? or is everyone visiting this page a male?
That was probably intentional.
my point exactly.
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I was able to put this beast down in less than 2 minutes by wailing on her with a +10 saw cleaver and 2 bolt papers, putting good use to the cleavers trick combo (R1-L1-L1, etc.) Stats and equipment as follows:
Vitality:18 - Endurance:18 - Strength:34 - Skill:25 - Bloodtinge:30 - Arcane:15

Saw Cleaver +10 with following Blood Gems:
-Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5)
14-Droplet:Physical ATK UP +18%
-Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5)
14 - Radial: Physical ATK UP +12.6%
Boosts rally potential +2.3%
-Cursed Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5)
14 - Droplet: Physical ATK UP +19.8%
WPN durability DOWN -54

Caryll Runes: Moon 1st tier - Moon 3rd tier - Heir 2nd or 3rd tier (just realized those didn't do a damn thing for me! hahaha) and hunter rune.
As far as armor, I just wore the regular hunter set.
when I first entered the boss room I ran up to just before the puddle the beast is sitting in, then snuck behind her, imbued my saw cleaver with my bolt paper and hit her with a charged R2 attack. After that I just relentlessly unleashed the trick combo's (R1-L1-L1- so on so forth until stamina is depleted) and dodged away long enough to heal before going back in (I was mainly directly in front or behind for most of my strikes, as close as I could get) and spamming her again with the combos. She was done in no time (less than 90 seconds I want to say) I used 2 bolt papers and maybe 5 or 6 blood vials.
Great guide but it is a great one not a beast
If you are running an arcane build (50), summon Damian of Mensis before entering the chamber.. He will engage Ebrietus with an array of arcane attacks (call of wild, arcane bolt) from a distance and you can complement his attacks with yours.. Use oil urn + molotov for some nice dmg and if you are out of those, then use executioner's gloves to chunk it's HP down.. Don't let Dmaian do all the work, if it is focusing only him then he'll get killed soon.. make it switch focus on you every now and then.. I was able to kill it this way without landing any physical attack except for a visceral when it got staggered..
Using Damian of Mensis was a big help. I kept hugging her backside, struck once or twice with LHBs L2 or R1 in 2handed mode, then readjusted if she moved. With NPC Hunter and I attacking, here attentive n was done vetted enough to keep us both alive. I resisted the temptation to get in front and attack the head; she'd have both of us in her aim. Used bolt paper and about 3 potions.
All I did was stick as close to her on her backside as possible as Damian was somewhat distracting her, beating her senseless with transformed Chikage. Killed her in about 1-2 minutes first try (first run at that)... Can't wait to try her on NG+