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has anyone else had the problem I'm having? I shoot at him and not only do the bullets not stun him, they don't hit him. It's not like I'm just missing either. You know how you can see the path the bullet took for half a second after you fire it? I fire the bullet and the path tells me that I was on target, but the bullet orbited half way around him and then continued on behind him like nothing happened. Is that normal?
Yeah, that starts after he buffs into his second phase
That's normal. In order to stop that from happening you need to cut him off from doing that stab to the ground move. It buffs his body, using projectiles at that point is pointless.



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I am rushing to get the chikage for my blood/skill build and need help with this mofo my own is twanderingpigeon
I killed him and I got the cainhurst armor set and Chikage I'd help you but unfortunately I don't have PlayStation plus


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I need help with this boss end level 83 and I cannot kill hem please help
Whats your PS ID
I killed this dude at a 39 when the recommend level is 60 no wonder it took a while
that happend to me with amelia i fought her as the third boss not knowing shes like the sixth to seventh boss and believe me i felt a despair like the one with artoris back in ds1 suffice to say after 50+ tries i did it and i was op against the blood starved beast
Trying at 25 first try almost killed him but the first stage was such a pain. Didnt get a chance for a viceral untill stage 2 and he kept fireing all those small.skulls which do 3/4 of my health if one hits
It's kind of surprising that most soulsborne players don't realize that a Kris dagger is a real weapon originating from Polynesia, and that's exactly how they look--the butt of the blade acts as a triangular cross bar, and the length of the blade itself is undulated. They're not an invention of From Soft, and there's nothing really that special about them. I think Miyazaki just thinks they're cool. But maybe Logarius' sword is a hint that he's using a plundered artifact from the Old Labyrinth, since some of the Watchers carry Kris daggers as well, though theirs are smaller and entirely gilded.
Can someone help me? Level 55.
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Online for few more hours now.

- Snowy castle
- Big robe
- Big beard
- Skinny little legs
- Ability to fly
- Little, gem-encrusted, golden crown that reveals "secrets of the frost"
- Kidnaps a matriarch

The Ice King sure made it a long way from Ooo.
Actually the vilebloods in a semse held logarius captive. The executioners vowed to avenge logarius by killing queen annalise
If you have the Old Hunters DLC, the Loch Shield can block all of his arcane attacks and you'll only take minimal damage, you just have to worry about the slow tracking ball that he uses, if it gets behind you it will deal full damage
If anybody needs help, ill be happy to help. PS ID WarriorGS15


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Parries and Loch Shield makes this fight a cake walk. I'd suggest everyone to use a Loch Shield if not parries.