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This games mechanics is just messed up when you fight a boss...I killed all bosses(offline), some with extreme difficulty except for darkeater midir...and im at him the controls just slow and everything is just so out of place...hitting him and seeing the blood splatter but no damage....last time im playing this game...what a waste of a good game,just fix the bugs at least
Someone for Anor londo boss in ng+3 pc ?


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Does anyone have some tips for a beginner like myself as I have just finished Demon Souls and I'm think of playing Dark Souls 3 for the first time.
Be open-minded, while it may be easy for someone to stick through one set, or at least one type on play style (E.g. Only melee, not bothering with any spells), try to switch and test out weapons you find. Also.... when shopping with the handmaiden... remember what selection you are in (Buying/Selling). I accidentally sold my embers going through the phases of what I THOUGHT was buying (RIP)
Hello can anyone help me beat Spider in Ds2 sotfs on Ps4
i have just maked a sorcery class.. whats the prio stats or what to aim for ?
Hey trying to test damage on two weapons. Can I get help? Message and I’ll set up undead match.
Hey i just platinumed the game givivn items away if anyone need for achievments
Does anyone have a darkmoon blade buff they could trade me on PS4 message me @DigiPls