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Hell, absolute hell.
After defeating him and spending some time in the research hall I came back to the chamber and there wasn't an option to talk to him, the item was already there, and when I took it, the light was still there and I was able to get a second moonlight sword, is this normal?
I made a huge mistake progressing to NG+. Even at lvl 127, this *****er is destroying me. I just can't "bring the fight to him"!
Bring in vaaltr, he'll be your guiding moonlight.
Lirik #neverforget
You do a great ob of always pointing out their Weaknesses? But what about the type of Resist good for their fights? For example? I can only assume Ludwig attacks would be Arcane??? Only because of the Moonlight Sword? I assume Arcane?. I've found that wearing the proper Resist gear really does make a difference? Sure as hell don't hurt ;-)

Easiest boss so far
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heyhey, could i take you up on that?
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I swear to god, this *****er gave me the hardest time, more than every other bosses in the whole game...Lady Maria and Ebrietas were a piece of cake, in comparison. Maybe was just an impression, but I had the feeling his attacks were nearly undodgeable, no matter how hard I tried. Anyway, as for the Blasting Zone attack...I dunno if it's just a coincidence, but he always and only performed it when I staggered him, wether I landed a visceral or not
Even if they're both very good dlc the difference between the old hunters and the ringed city is that hoonters brought long bosses wich i hoped to be longer (mainly for the soundtrack, looking at you ludwig) while the ringed city was just me hoping bossfight would end as sooner as possible