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Has anyone else noticed how the spear and straight sword movesets are both VERY similar to soul of cinder's moveset for that weapon type? You could do a really good SoC cosplay by holding those two weapons in right hand with firelink gs, and a pyro flame in left.
Their weapons feel like apologies for making Firelink GS so crappy, lol.
Are they weak to hollowslayer greatsword?
Good enemies to farm souls. ... With the Symbol of Avarice, the Covetous Silver Ring +3, the Shield of want and the Medicant's Staff, I get 45k on NG++. I always go to the Ringed Inner Wall Bonfire and from there through the tunnel to the garden where you meet the one Ringed Knight. Killing the 5 enemies on the way plus the Ringed Knight and returning back to the Bonfire will result in about 80k in one minute resp. 4.8m in one hour. And you get a lot of Dunge Pies, Lightning and Hollow Gems as well as Ringed knight armor.
just want to say, and people can check for themselves, there is a second ringed knight with the paired greatswords. go to the fillianores rest bonfire and when you leave the room go around the wall to your right and straight back you should see him roaming in the distance. I think he has less health than the first one and drops a slab when killed and does respawn.
left wall not right.
Hollow, that’s all I have to say