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Yo where are the little dudes that drop the blood shards? I feel like they might have some slight lore significance, considering they resemble the Brain of Mensis to a degree, and they don't bleed, and have Amygdala's arms...
Wandering madnesses, there's larger one's in the nightmare frontier too
I want lore on all the enemies. Especially Winter Lanterns. They look creepy but something about them makes me wonder how did they become like that. Anyone else agree?
One theory, and mind you mainly all of the lore in Bloodborne consists of undefined theories (As is the Miyazaki credo) is that the Winter Lanterns are nightmarish versions of the Doll in the hunter's dream. Some evidence to note of this hypothesis is the very similar outfits they wear. Also, If you are so inclined, I'm sure you can find more specifics on this elsewhere with more lore indulged people rather than myself on youtube or better yet a meticulous reddit thread.


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Weaknesses: Righteous? Flower? Serration?

Waht to heck? What are these?



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Righteous and serration are types of damage on certain weapons. Check the weapons list. If it has a serrated blade it's one, if it is a holy church item the other. Flower. Not sure!
I have no idea what Flower is. Maybe a typo?
Saw prefix weapons, Cane (Whip mode) are serrated.
Righteous is Holy Church weapons, I think.
hit the flower a top of the long neck.
From all these enemies the game makes clear EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WANTS YOU SIX FEET UNDER!!!