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Lol, i saw the item description and imagined Exodus's "meteor" attack from Final Fantasy 12, then i read "has no tracking whatsoever" under the usage category and my hopes were shattered. Now i imagine boulder heave from ds3...
Ds3 was way overhyped. Typical
I wonder, could Rom's eyes be a bunch of Blacksky Eyes? Not to get too literal, but its eyes are solid black, and Rom possesses the ability to rain down--and up--a meteor storm upon the Hunter, as well as releasing arcane novae. If phantasms are the embodiment of ideas, it would make sense that Rom may have come into contact with them, metaphorically speaking.

Though, the eyes of the Pthumerians are also solid black, and I don't recall any of them possessing snowy blue arcane attacks. Still, it seems unusual that blackened eyes appear in all of these apparently "enlightened" individuals.
This is where the eye burns through the back of your head came from. (might have said that wrong)