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Waiting for the "Gwyn Reborn" Soul of Cinder cosplay
Jenova, Lord of Hollows will have to suffice
The weapon art also doubles as an attack, though, the only use for it is catching people trying to roll behind you and getting a backstab
I don't know why you received two thumbs down while the guy with zero coherent grammar after you got three.
I confirm this. The weapon art isn't just an empty animation. It's a real swipe attack with the blade that, in fact, deals considerable damage. I've spammed it on Vordt and many other types of enemies. Someone, please add this to the page.
I know this comment s of no use but damnt from buff split damge and body buff so their viable
This has to be one of the best weapons for anyone running a Dark and/or Fire based build. The damage that is just is just astounding.
On my character, whom has a 40/40 INT and FTH, with 14/12 STR and DEX, the AR is 520.
With the Elfriede's Blackflame buff, it rises to 671 (726 with the Dark Clutch ring).
Good for PvE. Awful for PvP.
What are you talking about? This thing is a MONSTER in the hands of someone with a Dark build (High INT and FTH).
What rank do you need to get it before it becomes a "monster" Im running a Magic/Pyro kinda build though my stats are a little off at the moment 41/30 Int/Faith but my Raw Corvian Scythe with buffs do better damage. Though it is +9 which of course helps alot. Will i need to get this one to +4 or 5 before it becomes a better weapon? Though, even then it wouldnt have the versatility that my scythe has which can run all the weapon buffs :/



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So according to this weapon's description, Vilhelm is like a groupie who won't go away.
I haven't uses the Onyx Blade myself and correct me if I'm wrong, but is this not the best greatsword? Minimal strength scaling so one handing is viable, one and two handed have thrusting R2s, its length, and the weapon art is a straight up damage boost. Honestly, one of the harder weapons to fight against.
it may seems godlike, but the damage is triple splitted. If you want touse a greatsword, you can try a claymore with any buff+leo ring, or a flamberge with carthus rogue.
Note: This weapon has NO phantom range. You actually need to hit them with it to deal damage. This is hard.
If you need glitchy weapons to win pvp then you're a little *****.
Git gud
"If you need glitchy weapons to win pvp then you're a little *****." ...Huh? Glitchy? Do you know what phantom range is? News flash, it's that thing that 99 pecent of greatswords have. Oh im sorry, are you a full int mage or a tilted dagger user that spends the whole match quickstepping to attempt at a sht backstab? It's not glitchy, every weapon is meant to have that stupid phantom range. And if it does not, it is difficult. Not super hard, but your at a disadvantage. If your not a mage or one of those dagger retards, then your an idiot that probably uses "glitchy" weapons.
"git gud"... You people are what makes this community toxic. Good job, kid.
"Phantom range" is caused by Lag Ping and Latency. It's not supposed to be there. Some weapons have it more than others because of the way the hit boxes are configured.
How long does the buff last for?
45 seconds. pretty lame. human resin lasts 60 second on my flamberge and does 32 more damage to demon king. why does everything in these games have to be so damn balanced. you get a little more length but FROM has to take some damage away. every weapon and armor is the same balance. sucks to realize this.
that's because of triple split damage. I don't know why, but From really hates dark weapons (you'll understand when you play the ringed city dlc).


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"From really hates dark weapons (you'll understand when you play the ringed city dlc)."

Isn't there a new "headwear" that buffs dark damage (like crown of dusk for magic)?? (
longer than great magic shield
lol, look at this *****in casul complaining abt a BALANCED GAME WTF
Too balanced he says... ringed knight weapons beg to differ lol
Does the Leo ring help the R2 pokes as much as say, the hollow slayer? Since it mostly deals dark damage, and I don't know if the Leo ring helps with elemental damage
Nope, leo fing only increases physical damage
The Leo ring doesn't affect the dark damage true but if you are good at timing charged r2's, then leon ring is worth wearing.
This should be moved to the Ultra Greatsword Category.
Why? It's a greatsword not ultra greatsword.
Kill thineself.