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Is it a bug or something? I've been fairly consistently summoned to fight for the spears just as I have been putting down a sunbro sign. I thought it was only because I had just equipped the drang twin spears. Oh well.
Had some thoughts on why we have to attend this fight as the 'boss' even if we don't want to ( And don't give me that "It's Part of the Experience Just Play offline hurr durr durr" crap-fest )

I tested getting summoned to this covenant. Here's what SEEMS to happen: if you are NOT in the covenant, once get you TO the city (Moment you get carried across by the harpies) you automatically get the equivalent of a number out of a hat. If your 'number' gets called you go be a spear for somebody in your standard summon/invasion range. This is for all covenants and even applies to people who are not in any covenant. Once you HAVE done it your chances lower dramatically. You increase your chances of being a spear (at any point, before or after already doing it) by putting down EITHER color of summon sign, though white summon signs seem to have slightly higher odds. Red Eye's also raise your chances significantly. If you revive Judicator Argo via the Purging Monument you take a number out of the hat again. It is possible to be summoned more than once as a spear without doing this, but can be considered rare. I made four different characters and tested this at SL 88 99 120 and 140, I can't supply solid percentages on your chances, but this information is from my repeated testing and ovservation.

The chances of being summoned to this covenant while NOT a member are only low when your Soul Level and Regional Play settings don't have many people who are actual members. You can even actually obtain the highest covenant reward without ever actually joining (Should be obvious since you can drop off the ornaments without first selecting the "ask to join covenant" option) and it isn't pointless to do so, even though the covenant fight is the only place that the covenants rewards can even be used, you can basically BE a member just by continually fighting Halflight offline then going online, putting down a summon sign (Places that are OFF the trodden path work better, so y'know, not two steps from a bonfire) and if you wait about two minutes you'll get summoned (roughly 5 minutes being the longest it ever took me, and I was halfway through fighting Ledo... KMS...)
I have had to teleport out after the fight twice. 2 phantoms had to crystal out as well. No cov reward but I received my souls. Anyone else experience this?
Yeah I had to "win" three times while soloing the boss cause the painting guardians didn't de spawn after I killed the spear
This "boss" is pretty *****ing irritating when you're a solo host.
Having to deal with two spamming painting guardians and a spear of the church.
Not our fault you suck git gud
Painting Guardians are actually ridiculous. They have more poise than Silver Knight Ledo, the fastest attack pattern of pretty much any enemy. That coupled with literally the most poise break of anything whatsoever. It gets a bit boring just getting LT spammed by painting guardians while Halflight sits back spamming those damn ground spears
if your a solo host this is what its like being an invader
Ive been a solo host since the original dark souls. Ive been ganked by invaders in the darkroot basin woods in the first dark souls. Ive. Been ganked in dark souls 3 since launch by invaders and ive never complained. But because invaders have to deal with what hosts have been dealing with since 2009.... Oh now its too much.. Its not fair. Screw off. Hosts have been getting ganked for almost 8 years... Suck it up.
Does anyone know if you can become the boss and fight you lot lower level friend by using a password?
You can not as passwords do not affect Auto-Invasion or Auto-Summon Covenants. (Blue Sentinels; Watchdogs of Farron; Aldritch Faithful; Blades of the Darkmoon; Spear of the Church)
Just faced a 5000HP patches and 3 other summons while only being able to do 140 damage to patches with a Fume ultra greatsword...There really needs to be a nerf to avoid this type of play because this is the 3rd time this has happened to me in 2 hours.
simply stop co-op with anyone... you will be nerfed in bossfights when you do this... oh: and git gud ;D
To the Frat-boy anon who said Stop Co-Op: He was summoned as a spear to somebody with their band of merry blowjob queens (Probably somebody quite like you) Which is entirely out of his control and makes up the experience of about 85% of SotC fights.

He got thrashed because HE doesn't get buffed enough for all the phantoms a host can drag into that fight. And in that Fight Patches seems to have respecced from all the Vitality to wear Lapps armor and put those points into having damn near Infinite Stamina and Defense.

If you're going to comment at least learn to read. In other words, stop commenting until you "git-gud" at English.


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The main issue that I have with this covenant is the fact that the rewards are practically useless. My characters join covenants because they offer something useful for the gameplay; my paladin build joins the Sunbros/Darkmoon Blades for the lightning spear and weapon buff, my sorceress joins Aldrich Faithful/Rosaria's Fingers for the spell and staffs, my pyomancer joins the Mound Makers for Warmth, my warrior joins the Watchdogs for the sword and shield. All of these rewards are useful for the build for the rest of the game.

The Young Grass Dew looks like a useful reward - damage reduction and stamina regen is a win-win except for the little detail that it only applies when you are summoned as a Spear of the Church. The Divine Spear Fragment is only usable during the Spears boss fight as well. So this endgame level covenant that you have to slay a dragon to even join only ends up offering rewards whose use are restricted to one half of a single boss fight out of the entirety of the game.

It's a disappointing, gank-infested vicious circle which exists only to sustain it's own existence; "Well now that I've spent hours and hours grinding that boss fight for the 30 spear fragments, I've drastically improved my abilities to continue to grind that boss fight. Whoop-dee-doo."
It's like "If you fill up hundreds of bags with sand you win a better shovel!" well ain't that goddamn generous.
Well, when you defear Midir, you have, at most, just Gael left. Probably not even that, so, as far as the game is concerned, it's over. Sure, you still can go into NG+ or do PvP, but this covenant is not about that, the idea is "You have spent the whole game killing bosses, so here is the chance to become one yourself" and the rewards help you in that role, you already have enough covenants for the other aspects of the game.



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*****ing boos when online they i hit him just 100+ whin great weapon it too much
I put my summon sign as a sunbro in the room before midir and got summon as spear of the church, killed the host and got a Filianore's Spear Ornament. is this normal?
Yes, same to me



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Read idiot.