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Lewd AF
id totally backstab a person with my longsword for using that :^)
no moaning anymore. yeah we really live in modern times if the conservative kill all the fun. What's next? Burning witches again? Holy cow...
crybaby sjws kill all the fun ***.
what does a whacky moan sound effect have to do with sjws...
It's not silent (1.09). Tried it yesterday and still makes the moaning sound
What a typical dimwit that knows no facts and just spews garbage from the hole in his face.
Loling at misinformed people getting mad at other misinformed people... on the internet. Great way to spend yo time guys...
Muh conservatives ruined Muh fun! Kys ***.
So sad it's silent now.. Another fun weapon made utterly pointless for no reason at all.
Could still use it as a pure, co-op support build.. I guess?
It's not silent (1.09). Tried it yesterday and still makes the moaning sound
The volume changes depending on the voice volume in your settings
does the skill stack with the skull ring?
The Moan is treated as a Voice effect. If you've turned the speech volume down all the way you won't hear the moan.
Also, if I hear the twin princes lines one more time I will do something unfortunate.
This spot marks our grave, but you can rest here too, if you like
ThiS sPot marKs oUr graVe, bUt yoU mAy reSt hEre tOo, iF yOu liKe
"69 fire resistance"., the stat from it and weapon art proves it all that it's something you would bring in bed
Okay, so, there is something weird going on with the weapon art. On my character STR/FTH character with 50 STR the shield doesn't moan, but on my quality character with 40/40 STR/DEX the weapon art produces a moan and it doesn't matter if I two-hand it or one-hand it.
it needs 50 str


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Best shield for turtling.
its also insanely good to tank all type of magic, somehow