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Has anyone tried simple infusing this yet? it is the only magic damage inherent weapon that can be infused so i'm wondering if it is the magic equivalent to blessed infusion on faith builds.
Blessed weapons do more damage than simple because they increase physical damage. Crystal is always better than simple for damage. Your best scaling on it will be infusing for your physical stat/s then buffing for respective magic or lightning that you will scale with.
No in most cases simple will outdamage blessed, a dark sword with a blessed infusion does less than a simple dark sword
Which is better for a quality build: this sword refined or the black knight sword?
Black Knight great sword is great for straight up damage
Almost definitely the Black Knight Sword. The problem is that Drakeblood GS has aggressively mixed damage. You might end up with 600+ AR but the opponent's defenses will absolutely dumpster that damage output because it's split 3 ways.
With 40/40 Int Faith, 20 str 2h (Chaos or Dark)

This weapon has an AR of 723. With power within, it goes up to 888. Plausible if you plan on doing a regen build not using a lothic knight GS or other lightning based options with blessed.

Worthless with blessed at 35 faith. That's as high as I can put my faith at my low level.
worthless with blessed infused at 48 faith as well. (using a pyromancer). It has more damage if i raw infused it so i could still buff it with dark blade.
Str/dex are still relevant even with a D scaling. Its probably better in a quality or strength build with the sharp, heavy, or refined infusion that has high int or faith for a lightning or Darkmoon buff.
Why would you overlook the advantage of buffing it? Keep it refined.
i chaos infued and with 18 strength 16 dex 40/40 int/faith it does 719 damage two handed
At 20 stre 19 dex and 35 int/faith with a dark infusion i'm managing 705 output two handed.


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I tried it with my Pyromancer. (18 Str / 16 Dex / 35 Int / 35 Fth).
I infused it with Chaos, since i allready had the Onyx Blade which deals Dark Damage. Must say, i prefer the Onyx Blade over the Drakeblood Greatsword, but it can be a good alternative for Bosses with higher dark resistances. (Twin Princes, Aldrich, Abyss Watchers)
Maybe try infusing it with raw, and then buff with Crystal Magic or Lightning Blade. (using the crystal chime ofc)
Silver knight straight sword