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At me playthrough the demon pushed the Siegward out of clif with his first attack :/
Quite a pickle
Idk about anyone else, but he dided during the boss fight. It gave me his sword. Then I defetead yhorm the giant. The end.
Does anyone else refer to him as the Sonion Bro? Because he always says stuff like " Long May the Sun Shine", so he's kinda like Solaire and Siegmeyer combined. He is the Sunion / Sonion Bro confirmed
I made it to the Yhorm's fog without seeing him in the Irrithyl Valley kitchen with estus soup. So yes, I did clear boreal dungeon EXCEPT the giant pitt where the cell is visible. So I returned back and found him still waiting in the kitchen. Talking to him there made him go to the holding cell where I freed him. Then I went to fight Yhorm and there he was, onion bro. So i think some clarification is needed to this page about edge cases..
Dont know how far you have to go into the dungeon before he disappears into the valley. So for like a dozen runs I would bypass the "distant manor" bonefire (a joy when you expect to be attacked by the shade of londor). Now I know better and at the very least i
I can say you CAN rest or at least activate that bonfire before going back and entering the sewers with the creepy crawlers.
In two playthroughs now, I've noticed that if I don't help him kill the fire demon, and do all the other steps in order (he will move to the well anyway when you meet Patches in the Cathedral), he DOES NOT help me with Yhorm. Can anyone confirm this? I did free him from his cell and get the slab before starting the Yhorm fight.
Yeah, it's probably because it's part of his actual quest line... if you skip the first, and most important part, killing the demon, then you just skipped a part of his quest line. So what'd you expect?
Uhh, dunno where the replied Anon got that impression, but the demon scene is entirely optional. I don't know why he isn't joining you for Yhorm.
You may enter Irithyll Dungeon and light bonfires, but resting at the bonfires may stop Siegward from showing up at the Kitchen. I just started playing again after a long break, and forgot about having to go through the sewers and went to the dungeon instead first. I went through the entire dungeon without resting, returned to the sewers and there onion boy was.
You can only light the Distant Manor bonfire.
I kill him soon as i saw him, because Im stupid. Im so idiot?
You dare harm the onion bro?Get out of here
"I've got to use my head. And think."