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Hello, I got in an Glitch i defeated aldrich but his lastes soul masses killed me then the video screen came and a died afterward and spawned at lando again.... it is my first run, so I really dont start new charachter
you can find your souls in Aldrichs boss room
If the boss fog isn't there your souls will be lying in the middle of the room.
Can I explore grand archives before killing him?
you must obtain all 4 cinder soul to unlock the gate, tho you still can progress untill dragonslayer
Anyone else get Aldrich that constantly does arrows in the second phase, I can do the first phase just fine, but whenever the second phase happens, it just tps to the other side of the room and does the tracking arrow spam, and just repeats it over and over.
Nito was a mandatory boss in DS1 therefore he was dead long before the events of DS3. Darkmoon Gwyndolin was an optional boss therefore it can be taken that only the mandatory bosses were killed in DS1 canon.
and nito His soul was used in ds2 by aldia on the Rotten boss It is very similar to style nito


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The best way to dodge his arrows in 2nd phase is to get behind him. So as soon as he starts it, running/roll near and behind him.

You can also predicted where he appears - He always teleports to the corner that is farthest from where you are currently. So as soon as he disappears run to the corner that is farthest from you.
So since he has devoured multiple DS1 could he be the main character of DS1 after the dark ending?
No. Aldrich is not the Chosen Undead. He is a completely separate character and he only ate Gwyndolin.
And Nito.
when aldrich became a lord of cinder he already has eaten gwyndolin because in the first cinematic you can see gwyndolin in the middle of the "tail" of aldrich. This proves that when aldrich comeback to life with other lords of cinder he didnt went to anor londo to eat gwyndolin because he was already dead (gwyndolin) and that pontiff sulyvanh has lived a lot of years
Aldrich is bleed-able, but it doesn't do substantial damage, so put it in the resistant to column
So would it be wrong to assume Aldrich has some relation to the man-grubs guarding Rosaria? According to Hawkwood, Aldrich bloated like a pig and burst, similarly to the Gaping Dragon, which I assume is why his lower body is formed of slimy bones and refuse. The man-grubs are somewhat similar in appearance, though not as big, or pretty in the face, or... burst. Wasn't Aldrich originally a saint of the Cathedral of the Deep anyway, and didn't he want to "share" in his joy of cannibalism, according to one of his rings? I know the man-grubs are dudes who worshiped Rosaria and underwent rebirth, but like.... that still doesn't seem to explain their appearance, or why Rosaria is even in the Cathedral of the Deep to begin with?
This boss is legitemently not killable . I tried it for 2 WEEKS and I cant take her down . Everyone that beat her is allready reported to valve
Got a bit of advice for you, with 20 into HP and 24 into Stamina I killed him with a Harpe. Taking advantage of solid practice and Quickstep. Its all about keeping on him, dodging Arrows/Spin, not your damage otput
its a he as far as i know, also try moving away from the arrowrain, that helped me alot
Try some magic defense aswell!
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If you have the stats and FP try pyromancy. On NG++ it took me about 8 Great Chaos Fireballs to destroy him.