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Good news, if patches messes up and did not kick u down firelink tower.....Lapp will...and if Lapp does, you can find patches in firelink shrine as a merchant without his ring....I guess because Greyrat is ded!!
No you *****ing dumbass, the dlcs will never effect the base game whatsoever

did you even try it?
He dont appears in my game... I wanted to meet him in firelink shrine but he doesnt locked me in he also not appears in the Cathedral of deep because i lighted rosarias Bonfire first.. What am i doing wrong?
He will be in the shrine after the abyss watchers
What armor is patches wearing, and can you get it in game?
it's the black leather set.
umm patches didn't appear at the cathedral for me
In my playthroughs, I defeated the Deacons of the Deep, then went to the Shrine, came back, then opened the main doors and immediately walked to Patches dressed as Seigward. Not sure if it's a bug, but it's what I do.
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this page *****ing sucks. "You MUST do this before lighting the bonfire at Rosaria's Bed Chamber." No you must do it before heading up into the rafters at all like it *****ing says a few blocks later.
When Patches is in the Shrine, there's a body in front of him, laying on its stomach. Does this mean anything about a failed questline, or is it just a new-game thing?
I told patches that Greirat went to Lothric Castle before defeating the Twin Princes, Soul of Cinder, Ancient Wyfern, Nameless King and all bosses from the DLC. He disappeared anyway and hasn't come back? Is there any trigger to get him back. Since then I defeated the Twin Princes, the Demon Prince and brought Greirats Ashes from the Grand Archives to the Handmaid.
After i had met Patches in the Cathedral, whenever i went to the top of Firelink he appeared there and locked the door. I don't know why or how, but this is quite interesting...