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When using a password, do the random summon signs disappear? Or in other words can I summon random people while using a password?


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You can only see summon signs of those using the same password, so you can still summon random people if your password is common
Is it just me or is does Dark Souls 3 PVP have the most cancerous community compared to the the other souls games? Seriously, if you're an invader you will ALWAYS be paired up with Gankers that spam the "point down" gesture even after they 3v1 you. If you're a solo host going through the game OR attempting to set up a fight club, you're always getting invaded by that douchebag invader that does hit and runs with the obscuring ring and then proceeds to point down after they have killed you. I know that this is all part of the game and if i want fair 1v1s i could always go to the undead match but seriously though, even in Dark souls 1 or 2, you would rarely come across an invader that was a total d*ck and even if you did, they were sh*t most of the time. Some people here say that invaders are at a disadvantage, some others say that invaders are total **** that deserve to get a nerf but in reality, both sides are sh*t. Where have the decent players gone?
They went back to good old DS 1 and 2 because there's less bull*****in them.
they didn't go anywhere. they just never came.
someone should make a cross platform mod
I hope not, i don't want to see pu$$y PC hackers come bother people on ps4 and XB1 as well.
as well as even more PVP cancer from other players of other platforms.
You know that is impossible, right?
how do I see which player recently invaded me (on PS4 specificly)? I need to report an invincible and an invisible hacker


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If it just happened, you can see those who were playing with you in the "Players Met" section of "Friends". if you had phantoms as well as invaders, you might have to guess who is who.
There's no possible hacking on PS4, dude.
"Up to 9 players can interact in the same session and this happens seamlessly during playing the game",pretty sure he meant 6 players,right? or there something missing in my dark souls experience? :o
You + 2 phantoms + 2 allied covenant phantoms + 2 invaders + 2 covenant invaders = 9

The area where you can accomplish this only allows 2 phantoms with dried finger
I could only summon one phantom while when I play with someone they can have multiple? why can't I?
It could be because of a lack of more phantoms. It could be because of the area you're summoning in.

In most areas, you can have two summoned phantoms in your world, be they summoned white phantoms or from the Blue Sentinels or Blades of the Darkmoon covenants. If you use the Dried Finger in these areas, you can have up to three summons, but this also increases the amount of invaders that can show up.

In covenant invasion areas (the Farron Keep area and the Irithyll area past Sulyvahn), the default number of summons you can have is one, with the Dried Finger being able to get you a second.
Weird glitch when writing messages. When using a gesture my character's armor shows up incorrectly. The grass crest shield on my back shows up as a round shield, the Sunset Helm shows up as the Undead Legion Helm, and my Havel Gauntlets and Leggings show up as Smough's. Anyone else having this issue?
Happens to me too. My guess is this is intentional.


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it is intentional, they havent made the animations on messages for every armor so it will change
Is there a way to find out how many invasions you have done? Or how many times you have been invaded yourself? Thanks


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You're welcome
How can I tell who invaded me? Had a guy invade me at the Cathedral entrance and just ran in a loop so I couldn't kill him for 2 hours. He invaded my friend's world and did the same thing for about another hour. PS4 directions would be nice so this clown can be reported for waisting time.
Was he attacking you? If not, you could have fun with him, progress to the boss, or grab your friend and do some "good" old-fashoned ganking



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Just go to the boss room and he will be kicked out.
you can check their names from the players online section, it will show you a list of people who connected with you. Its too late now, coz the list would have grown by now. if you need to check again in future, shift tab, view players online or somthing along those lines and check there.


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i just gained 500k souls from a host's helping phantom dying, i'm level 163(was invading and hid until th host died) is that numbeer of souls gained normal?
Probably the host had more than 5M souls in his pocket.