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This guide is great and really helpful. Thanks a million
Need help killing the 3 big knights on the lost bastille mrs_rvolution
Hey can someone help me with the bell tower boss i am a level 65 with a soul memory of 271568 and my gamertag is TGK xXShadowXx
i need a *****
You'll guys are awesome.. Thanks for the help...
Can someone spare some sunlight medals that they don't need?
Please don't recommend brand new players go to the tower of flame first... The ring of life isn't worth the pain of trying to do that zone right out of things betwixt, and being carried by phantoms is hardly a good suggestion. The first zone is giants, just recommend they skip the ogre.
Would need a hand beating Aava on PS4 at SM 30 500, if anyone is up to it! PSN id: Jalakiacumari
sorry, how do i attune slots?