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Anyone would like to farm these on pc account:
If anyone wants to cheese with me on PC:
Anyone willing to grind for 30 on PC, I'll return the favour;
Hey I'm looking to farm Vertebra Shackles with people so add me on steam if you want:
I am on PSN 4 and I need to farm shackles anyone want to help me?


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Hit me up my psn is Noah1934
Easiest way to farm shackles. Just drop your purple sign in Crusifixtion woods. Kill all invaders, or fail and run away as the host dies. Either way, profit.
If anyone wants to farm this add me psn eduardonort
Available now ?
If anyone wants to help me farm these (and farm themselves as well) psn CiPensaLollo
Killing the boss isn't what makes the covenant accessible only until latter in the game, simply engaging the boss fight will deny you access as the cage monster will try to kill you...(Just tried,I even let the boss kill me to go join but couldn't)
I engaged the curse-rotted greatwood and died, yet I was still able to join via cage, just had to be quick about getting into the cage.
Don't boost eachother you casuls, prove you're worthy...
I'm not worthy!