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I'm in need of a Morion Blade on my lvl 101 character (final build level). I'm locked out of the blade as I can't level up more than that so I can't follow Yuria's quest anymore. Thanks!


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Make a post on r/pumparum on reddit. There are lots of people there who will help you.


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It's just your fault bro.
How dose it work with dlc

some say that better dont trade dlc item if you dont own the dlc since it have posibility of getting ban
Anyone trade me a billed mask please, its to go with villhelms chest armour, let me know what you would like in return (xb1)
Do you have creighton the wanderer's set for trade?
No sorry its my first playthrough missed some things, anything else you want?


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If anyone has the Iron Dragon Slayer set from Ringed City hmu on Xbox 'Hey Its Silver'
Im not sure what i would have for it but hey i mean, its worth a shot. The boss is f*cking impenetrable
No sunbro summons for the boss?
I have it to trade for yurias set? The billed mask is that am after atm
I beat iron dragonslayer 1st time, try keeping your distance but close enough to roll into him to attack oncethen away, its what i did



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Trick, Use Dragon slayer arrow and lure him to small collasped tower, He will stuck on the groud and trying hit you.


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Looking for someone to help me pass some item to my new char for new playtrough will to compensate for your time if you need a item i can acquire let me know ps4 Alluccard pm me
Do you have freids scythe by any chance


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yes i do the trade as already been made but im looking for a pair of paraid knight greatswords
Hey do You need paried knight greatswords? I can trade if You help me to pass few items to my new char
Anyone trade me yurias billed mask plz (xb1) ZbagApocalypse


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Hey all, can anyone help me transfer some items and souls to another character please??
PSN: MirakuruOD

Also a little side note, a friend of mine gave me a rather strangely large sum of various souls which he was given by some random person. The reasons why that this random person did this let alone how exactly he accumulated such a ridiculous amount of Souls is kinda unclear, so don't be surprised or anything! ^^
Can someone help me out with a Gold Covetous Serpent ring? Accidentally sold mine, any level is fine.
Anyone wanna just hook people up with equipment or souls add me
Psn StayFrostyFriend
accidently sold FUM UGS dose anybody have one ?
What platform pc?
ps4? xbox?