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where is the tower shields like the double doors
Its close the last angel 'body' before the drop down to the Demon Prince boss.
What is the Lightest Infusable shield with "Weapon Skill"?
Warrior's round shield :)
Missing the "Ethereal Oak Shield" from the first DLC which has 100 physical and 50 stability. Also slowly regenerates HP which makes it better than an average shield.


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I can't add the *****ing Giant Door Shield for some reasons... The wiki doesn't let me edit the page..
Because the door shield is under the ringed city dlc section
โล่ประตู ละ??
does the page ever update? what a garbage info page
Are you dumb?
why do i take damage with a 100% physical shield even when i put it up when i block a pure physical attack???
Probably because the attacks are elemental
also some weapons and weapon abilities can penetrate through shields, darkdrifts weapon art is a good example
No DLC shields ?
If you look at the top of the page, they literally have different links to the dlc shields
Yeah, it's still stupid they have a separate page for the DLC shields. Like this needs to be more convoluted