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Again from? Seriously? Why won't you let onions live for once
Everyone dies in dark souls. Everyone.


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We don't see everyone die though. Everyone dies in real life too, doesn't mean we have to kill them now does it? They could've let him live and it wouldn't change a thing. Poor Onion, a friend among friends died when From could've left it up to our imagination. It wounds my fragile heart.
He dies even if you do all of his quest. Once I killed Yhorm, I went to light the bonfire with my camera pointed at him and he fell over dead when I lit it.
Maybe, he is Solaire. When you pick that goodie, what you get, after he help you with the Fire demon in Undead Settlement, and leave it in the nest on the roof of the Firelink shrine, you will get Armor of the Sun, exactly same what Solaire wore.


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Maybe, he is Solaire of Astora. After the fight with Fire demon in Undead settlement, he will give you goodie. If you leave that goodie in the nest on the roof of Firelink Shrine, you will get Armor of the Sun, execatly same what Solaire wore. You can get his helmet from there too.
So, I ended up to where I would lose Greirats questline if I fought Yhorm because I had already killed Aldritch and he still needed to go to irithyll. THING IS: I had already exhausted Dialogue with Siegward at the kitchen, so he would save greirat if I killed a boss. Old Demon is usally my go-to for this exact questline point, but I had already killed him, as well as all the other optional bosses. Yhorm was my only choice but that means losing greirat for nothing.

SO I went and killed the Dancer. Greirat gets saved by onion, I immediatly send him to Lothric, and then I figure screw it I'll go cheese ocieros too. I get back, go save siegward from his cell (Karla too) but upon going to firelink, leveling up, then returning and going to Yhorm, Siegward does NOT appear.

Am I missing something? (Will check back for responses)
OP here with an update. I retraced all quest locations and found that I had never killed the Undead Settlement Demon, after doing that Siegward RETURNED to his cell in Irithyll Dungeon, and gave me the ending dialogue again "I've my own road to take"

He still would not join in the fight despite my efforts so I gave up on his armor set for this playthrough.
Damn, he died in the Yhorm fight

Boy i had the chills when he died near Yhorm's throne... RIP Siegward may the flame guide you <3
Huh, he really is an onion. When he died after Yhorm's battle, my eyes were watering...

I can't find him at the bonfire after the Yhorm fight, even though I did all the other steps. I defeated Yhorm before freeing him from the well. He's supposed to be taking a nap in the boss room according to the Wiki. Dammit :/
Great, now I have to wait until NG+ before getting the gesture and armour because I defeated Yhorm before freeing him from the well. He never shows up in the boss room despite me reloading multiple times and even restarting the game.