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With Ringed City and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3, the best cycle to farm covenant items is NG.
Assuming you opted not to get the crystal sage rapier, then you're missing out on 50 additional item discovery. Or, if you did, you're still not dual wielding it, so new game+ will let you get that additional 50. Not absolutely necessary, but every little bit helps.
if I start ng+ will my weapons be useless
If they are fully upgraded no. But you will have more difficulty in killing enemies and bosses due to their higher hitpoints
I still 1 hit everything with fugs on ng+
Because NG+ is dissapointing and it's goddamn fugs


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scrub i'm ng+8 and i one hit ko erry ting, in other words git gud scrub


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And Jacket said to Ramses: Git Gud, you filthy casul - exodus 19:26
Is there a last ng+ because I'm on ng+7
No, but there is no change in difficulty and souls between ng+7 and any further levels
There's no difference between Ng+6 and each cycle after. Alot of people mistake Ng+7 to be the hardest but it's actually your 7th playthrough not 8th
If i'm on new game + +, and my friend is on just New game, is it possible for me to join him or visa versa?
Yes it is
To play with your fiend that is only on New Game, You need to have a password. Having a password bypasses the Soul level range that white soapstones and such have. Creating a password and having your friend match the same password will let you set down a soap signstone and they will see it regardless of Soul level.
Yeah, i helped a ng + + + char with my first game char
When i am in new game plus and someone invades me are they in New game plus too
It's possible. Since the summon system is based on your soul level. It's possible that if you hit NG High Wall of Lothric, you're invaded by someone in NG+7 as long as they are within the allowed invader range soul level wise.
I believe that the current way they have invasions set up is that a person can invade any embered player either 30 levels above them and/or 10 levels below
I'm a bit confused on how you count it. Is 'journey 4' NG+4 or NG+3?
Jouruney 4 would be NG+3, so to get NG+7 you need to get to journey 8
Journey 2 is NG+, so Journey 3 is NG+1.
Im in new game plus but not receiving ng+ rings any help or any idea why? And this includes whats found on map and boss souls
They are hidden in new places throughout the world
Are you sure like for example i have a havels ring from the stone demon in farron and in ng+ i killed him used the soul and still only got havels ring but not +1
Does the dlc content scale with ng plus?



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Yes all content in the game scales with NG cycles
15 minutes of ng+ and dragonslayer armour is already dead. This is disappointing.
This is impossible from walktime alone.
Git gud casul


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Unless you killed the dancer before literally everything else and than ran through everything you need to fight... that's pretty much impossible
Yeah well i beat Nameless King with a +1 shortbow from the bit at Irythill Dungeon where you do the gesture, thats how tough i am!
Lmao, so much skill!!!!!1!