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Can anyone tell me if I can ummon him ifI kill him?
Already didit and talkedwithhis ghoat and he told me to protect me butI'm still insecure
Tested, if killed he will not be summon able no matter what. I'm trying to figure out if bonfire ascetics respawn him.
I haven't gotten to the memory of Orro yet. I've spoken with him at all the other locations, yet for some reason, I cannot summon him anywhere. I am human. Can anyone think of a reason he just won't show up?
You must exhaust all of his dialogue. First, go to Majula, head back to the way to Things Betwixt, and halfway up you'll notice a small hole in the mountain wall. Go in, past a small circular ruin, come out(no enemies in there), and he'll be straight ahead. Then, exhaust his dialogue until he repeats the same sentence upon talking. Then use a Fragrant Branch of Yore on Rosabeth in the building ahead. DO NOT PULL LEVER AFTER. Go back and talk to him, exhausting his speech again. Now he'll leave there upon next bonfire rest, and you can summon him for certain boss fights.Every time you encounter him now(just use wiki for locations) just exhaust his dialogue and he'll respawn at next place upon bonfire rest. Hope this helps a fellow Dark Souls 2 fan!
You probably didn't use up his dialogues or forgot to talk to him in certain places...I tend to forget him after I save Rosebeth
Well, another weird one. Did three bosses with him but He won't Hand over his gear... Just Sits in Orros memory and Talks About his Sword... Will He give it After completing the memory?
I wonder how many people have actually asked how Benhart got in the memory of Orro in the first place and also wondered if the statues in the Pursuer Boss fight look strangely similar to Benhart... Probably just coincidences but still something to think about.