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This npc only only sells fire arrows and standard arrows. Perhaps further conditions need met before purchasing?
^ You're an idiot. He is right. Sending him to scavenge is a condition.
It's not wrong, you have to send him on his first scavenge.
Scavenging sucks
Can be purchased from Greirat of the Undead Settlement after his first thieving run. Costs 50 souls per arrow.
Is it just me or do these arrows deal less damage against heavy armored enemies than the standard arrows? I hit a Silver Knight in Arnor Londo at, dunno, pretty close range with a large arrow for 129 dmg, then tried a standard arrow and got 149 dmg out of it.
Wiki is wrong, you can't buy these arrows from the handmaid after turning in Grerat ashes, she does not have them
Anyone know what is the range penalty?