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its my first souls game and im actually really***** (tried yhorm like 6 times) but i beat this boss the first time! so happy since everyone keeps saying that shes one of the hardest bosses. guess i was lucky
In NG I only got 50k souls, not 60k as stated here. Must have been changed in a patch?
Dancer is a boy dumbass
She's a woman, filthy casual.
Rhythm is a dancer. And she's female!
She has boobs
Its clearly stated after killing that poor old women "a lord he must be" dancer is a ****ing boy!
She refers to prince Lothric
emmas talking about lothric you casual,
Filthy casual, do you even lore?
Nope, dancers a girl/woman/whatever. Taken from item description of her leggings, gauntlets and armor, which read "The black eyes of the Pontiff eventually transformed the Dancer into a beastly creature, her leggings/gauntlets/armor fusing with her own hide."
Stick to the but and you will be fine
Just you wait, someone is gonna make Dancer into a pizza cutter you can buy at Walmart one of these days.
Wow, Sulyvahn is a *****. Turned a princess into a stripper and then an exile. gg
The range of the halberd is extremely helpful. applied Carthus Rouge and poked from distance. Range gives you luxury of rolling out of range of most of her attacks.
"NG+9 (271,350)"
NG+9 = NG+7