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new meta called the best use iron flesh and the whip you become iron man rip all pleebz
Say hello to my lightning bolts you dead target with 0 speed.
You can say hello one more to my twin princess wa
Do you guys know wether or not a whip does dotted hits? Can you accidently hit someone else with a whip or do you only hit the target if it strikes? This would be very interesting to know....
You can hit multiple targets with whips. I've done PvP with a couple and you can hit the host and any phantoms at the same time. The downside is that you tend to accidentally hit other dark spirits if you're an invader.


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As of Ariendel still the only whip worth a damn imo. It's such a shame that you get it so late in the game.
the one weapon you need as a full pyro. strong as hell even with min dex requirments
Unless you mean STR good old Murakumo is only 1 dex point away and with chaos infusion it kicks just as much *** as it's always done, really that sword's always been the best choice for high lvl pyro and it aint no different now.
Not with the scaling nerf on the Mura :'( This and Onyx are all pyro has left.
Too right. This baby's been my mainstay since I first pulled Pyro. Surprisingly effective in PvP, too.
You also cannot plunge attack with this weapon, or any other whip for that matter.
I am almost certain that you can plunge with Rose of Ariandel which is technically a Whip.
That's when you get out the Demon's Scar
this has more range than greatbows and more accuracy too
go home, you're drunk.



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Excellent secondary weapon for a pyromancer. RIP parry spammers. The delay on the R2 makes it difficult to roll through for people not used to it.
is this a berserk reference? in berserk there is a witch that uses her hair as a catalyst to channel fire
Actually, its from old folklore. It was said that witches used their own hair to conjure up magic.
It might be, since pne of the designers is a huge fan of the manga series, that's at least what it says on the page of the executioner set:
It is from dark souls one. The witch of Izalith had many daughters. Seven if I am correct, this is a reference to the first game. Same with the white haired talisman.
Everything from FS is from berserk
One of the only whips that could of been a Duel wield. Like Sister F's Duel scythe could of split a part or used the hair of the fair lady for the second whip. Also weapon art could of been a hold where it sets you on fire like the original discription/ ds2 immoation and gives you the chance to attack with two whips as you burn yourself and others who try to get close.