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Using LHB greatsword form, cheesing him everytime. Stay up on amy's front and bait him to attack, make sure to get a distance far enough that his short range attacks don't hit. Predict his movements and dodge. Timing is important. then run to him with LHB or BB and press L2. Once you get the gist of how this is done. Can cheese him without any prob, usually takes 2-4 mins? May the good blood guide your way!
I just stood under it with LHB + Gire paper and slashed its legs. Took maybe 5 but i didnt die
Its left middle arm is often the lowest to the ground and can be hit using any weapons. So I think this left arm strategy is the easiest way to kill the boss.
Takes a while to get, but it makes this cakewalk boss even more child's play. Simon's Bowblade, decent bloodtinge, aim for the face with arrows. It's over.
*Me fighting Amy in Nightmare Frontier with Holy Moonlight Sword*
Well this is a piss-ass easy boss.

*Me fighting Amy in Defiled Chalice*
***** you, ***** your health pool, ***** this halved health of mine, ***** this small-ass room, ***** my limited blood vials, ***** EVERYTHING.

But yea I eventually managed to beat it ;__;
I'm pretty sure after a few test fights that Amygdala is weaker to Arcane than it is to Fire or Bolt, so the Holy Moonlight Sword really is the best bet... but it feels way more insulting to fight it with the Amygdalan Arm, lmao.

Tip: when you see that it's about to spew acid, that's probably your best opportunity to use one of your arcane hunter tools on its head, especially the Executioner's Gloves, or the Accursed Brew if you have it. Although, if the opportunity for a visceral presents itself, be mindful of the pools of acid that may have appeared in front of its head. If you can't cross the gap in time, use the hunter's tool again, and it will do even more damage now that Amygdala is vulnerable. You won't be needing your QS Bullets all that severely in this fight, anyway.
Can some help me with the Chalice version?
Ohh Defiled Amygdala.. Ohh Defiled Amygdala.. Have mercy on us poor bastards!
Can someone help me out with this boss in the noghtmare frontier? ID: XxGokuSaiyajin_7
Gotta say, this guy was a pushover in the Nightmare Frontier (Hunter's Axe is best axe). That said, I haven't fought him in the Chalice Dungeon yet. Can't wait to get my *** handed to me. always lands on me when it jumps, the summon always dies within 40 seconds of entering and leaves me alone. the hitbox on some of the attacs is broken, as it hits you even if you roll, sometimes the stomp stunlocks you to death and it can quickly change from stomp to the 6hit frenzy, no windup, no notice, no sound, oh, and no help from other players, as i wasted 30 odd insight and kept dying


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Do NOT lock on during second phase. Stay beneath it AT ALL times. And DO NOT move away when it jumps, stay still. It'll never land on you.