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wtf is the purpose of this covenant? If this covenant has the same functionality and same ranks and rewards as Blades of Darkmoon then what's the point?
The covenants in the previous dark souls are all great and all ( I still love the unusual mechanics of Rat King covenant ) but From really *****ed up here.
Two covenants with the same***** and are all broken.
The crazy thing is the Blades are a low level covenant. Because it is directly related to the Way of the Blue that most people have equipped between SL 15 and 20/25 (tested). If you don't want to do a low level playtrough until Yorshka you just get Blue Sentinels early from Horace and then have a real chance to get the 30 ears without farming Silverknights. And if you realise how this all works the real obsolete covenant are the Blades in the end, sadly. Because way to late in the game.
In every other game, Blue Sentinels would be able to use blue eye stones to invade sinners (people who get indicted for invading or killing npcs). But in Dark Souls 3, they literally have thesame purpose as Blades Of The Darkmoon... which also changed from invading people in Anor Londo...


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just wanted to update I was playing as a blue Sentinel and got summoned as a spear of the church I don't even have access to that Covenant yet
It'll do that if they're no spears available to summon.
no one does way of blue anymore getting the proof of concepts is pretty much impossible because the silver knights have like a 0.01% drop rate for said item
Currently incorrect, have been summoned numerous times to defeat farron watchdogs
You were summoned to help kill a dark spirit. The watch dogs were just happen to be there multiple times.



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Just use CE to cheat these in, From will never learn that the way of the blue becomes obsolete taking these covenants with it.
***** them, ain't going to waste hours waking some mobs like in an mmo
This covenant could be easily fixed by allowing blue sentinels to invade non-way-of-the-blue covenants, but the WOTB gets highest priority and massively bigger SL scaling.

For instance 20 SL difference scale compared to non-WOTB which gets host x 10% scaling.

In a sense, WOTB allows you to summon sentinels that are possibly 20+ SL higher than you. But From Software these days don't bother with mechanic changes now... It's actually bandai namco tweaking existing values on item stats, that's it.
Okay, wtf. How in the living *****ing***** will i ever be summoned as a darkmoon. We need more way of the blues here dammit. People, please just be a nice kiddo and just *****ing put the way of the blue on.
Unfortunately there is a huge stigma attached to the way of the blue since DS2 (just read the posts about it) plus most people have regular friends and can rely on them. Others like me who hate PvP and don't have friends that play the game just play offline.
go farm silver knights you casual
I go Way of the Blue when embered and Sentinal/Blade when unembered. It strikes a decent balance. When I get invaded, I retreat to an unoccupied area and let the bluebro try to earn his reward. It's a solid balance to me.
There's a stigma over all with playing the game as it's meant to be played because of edge lords. Using spells/miracles is for noobs, using armor and weapons is for noobs, if you even increase your SL at all GIT GUD. It's all rather annoying. If you're reading this, put on that Way of the Blue covenant and have some fun.
I do miss when Sin meant a damn. It would give the Blades of the Darkmoon/Blue Sentinels an alternative to the standard "Wait a Year for a Single Invasion" or farming Silver Knights.
Yay, let's change the summoning priority so 120s can get level 150 blues and level 30s can get level 60 blues. Sure, most blues are garbage...but I don't understand this change, just making sure the host gets overleveled blues. You know, kinda the reason most of us have meta builds to avoid that kind of*****?
If you dont like it, dont invade--just duel...
Incorrect. Blue Sentinels can and WILL be summoned to help against Watchdogs of Farron. Please update this misinformation so that it is correct.