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a broken and overpowered boss with broken mechanics and hitbox, he does NOT move like you, he zig zags, this is a dissappointing boss fight. my hitbox is broken as well, as i don't damage him when i can see that my sword should connect, but then again, from software is known for leaving bugs in the code and call them features. thanks fextralife for the walkthrough, i have enjoyed this game until gehrman
Literally one of the fairest and best fights in the whole series. You're an idiot.
gotta disagree, he uses quickening that why he is fast and if u use it too u can be fast as him. Second he is one of the easiest fight. His moves are pretty simple to understand and you have to dodge accordingly. He gets easier in the last phase actually( he even parried me but got bakc the health by parrying him just after lol). I think he is one of the well made boss. Try leveling up your character and make the game fair yourself. Also it seems like your problem is with the hitbox. Restart the game and see if it fixes the issue or restart your ps4 or rebuild database or uninstall and install again the update it.
tfw Gehrman almost kills you with his left-right scythe sweep, but trips on a tombstone and his attack terminates early
plus a couple more for good measure? who is writing this cringey garbage?
The full whack of the attack? I cant keep reading.
no such thing as firsx or not fx
Unobtainable cape?? I thought it was the charred hunter garb?
The Cape he wears bears resemblance to the Cape found on the Charred Hunter Garb, with the exception of the inside of the Cape being Red
Some of the strategies are*****. Kill him, warp before the cutscene to get the burial blade, upgrade it and kill him again.. for freaking echoes?! I mean you already killed him WTF. There's lots of ways to earn echoes and you chose Gehrman? Would rather farm somewhere else than waste my time as I'm sure there are better ways to get echoes.


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Mergo's Loft Middle has superior echoes drop tbh 3 pigs, lots of Shadows of Yharnam and the boss. So ringing a bell there and helping other players is a very lucrative way to farm blood echoes. Gehrman is risky as he's a hard boss for many.
Need some help with this guy; I want to get his burial blade before the real final battle and he's kicking my *** to the point where I ran out of blood vials. HMU, my IGN is Mitoonuh.