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someone gave gundyr alarm clock please.... woke up to late and boom the world consumed by darkness.... if only that happened irl too
Watch "The quiet earth" film. ;)
Something weird just happened to me. I was waiting outside Gundyr's bossroom to be summoned when suddenly something threw throwing knives at me. I didn't see where they came from because I was using the steam's browser function (whatever it's supposed to be called) but I heard them hitting my character and when I got back to the game two throwing knives were stuck to my character and I had taken damage. I had already defeated the boss so it couldn't be an invader. I had also killed all nearby enemies (not that they could do it anyways). I didn't notice anything else out of ordinary. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know where those knives could have come from?
Nevermind, it was one of those bandit knife wielding undeads. Apparently I hadn't killed them all. I didn't know those had throwing knives. Somehow the undead, which threw the knives at me, had disappeared because I didn't see any living enemies when I got back to game immediatly after hearing my character take damage.
After you been to this area, if you talk to ludleth it will be clear thet you have been in the past, not in an alternate version.
You can also obtain the silver serpent ring from the chest by glitching onto the balcony and goinf to the secret area


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Let me explain why, to me, this place isn't in past.

In the very beggining of the game, you just walk through to the shrine and you have no other choice than teleport to lothric. You can't walk anywhere from cemetery of ash and firelink shrine. Thats because it is actually another dimension.

Once you teleport to the Lothric, even without touching any bonfires, you can walk to the untended graves, which means all the game map that we have been playing mosty has dark firelink shrine and untended graves as default. The place where we start to the game is totally diffrent dimension. Thats actually why its not past, because when you use bonfire of main firelink shrine and teleport to the world we have been struggling, some npcs we meet immediately gets into our *hope* dimension and we meet them in shrine. The place we teleport at first of the game, starting with lothric, is actual dark age, which means those eyes of firekeeper we found makes our firekeeper to fell into depressive mood. Eyes just shows her the place where we teleport at first, the dark age. Also if you read dialogues of Twin Princes, they want you to let the world fall into darkness, so they already know we came from the dimension of hope to link the fire, and the reason we are struggling on this dark age is actually that its the dimension of "TRUTH".

Champion Gundyr is actual form of Gundyr , who was late to get his quest done. Iudex was having diffrent role with sheathing for coiled sword in our "hope" dimension.

well thats my idea and since untended graves share same earth with all other areas except first area ( cemetery of ash and first firelink shrine ), its not past. Another dimension, actually all dimensions bind into betrayal scenario, but even if you do something cool and save the world somehow, something from other dimensions can pull your's into darkness too. Because even after killing evil bosses from your own truth, you can go to other player's worlds and still kill those again, vice versa, your truth can be runined in anyway. Dark souls has a stupid anime-like tryhard lore, i can almost hear game itself screaming, i am god damn japanese game! Nice hopeless and desperate universe design though. I would like to world to be destoryed so there will be no more problems in my opinion... Poor souls, struggle all the time, and efforts are nonsense. Im glad there wont be another dark souls game.
If you talk to the handmaiden in normal shrine for the first time after you talk to her in untended then she remembers you so it could very well be the past.
The untended graves are set in the past. It's obvious due to one simple yet heavily hidden thing. If you go through the entire game without once talking to the shrine handmaiden and make your way to the graves, talk to her then, and then finally go back to the cemetary of ash and talk to her there she will recognize you and say the following dialogue; "Oh thou'rt.. Oh no, 'tisn't anything, Ashen One." Afterwards, she will proceed with her standard opening dialogue. This heavily implies that she recognizes you, which would be impossible if the untended graves were set in anything but the past.
The most depressing thing that I saw in dark souls, come on! Everyone has died there is darkness everywhere, you're alone, it was really sad. I just wanted to loot the items quickly and get the hell out of there
Am I blind, or does the Sword Master summon in front of the Gundyr fight not get mentioned? Because I definitely fought him with a Phantom Sword Master, whose summon sign is right outside the fog gate where the two Hollows are standing...