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How much AR do you get at 40/40 str/dex at +10?
495 AR 1Handed, 518 AR 2Handed.
Its better to stop dex at 24 and then hit 66 STR 2H cap.
this was original Tarkus sword. (look up his concept art). If you cosplay him and find him wielding the Greatsword too goofy (like me) the Executioner Greatsword is your weapon.
Shame this isn't infusable, as the Heavy gem would fit this beast well.
gaels weapon is worse, how sad
This and gael's sword have similar damage. This has the passive FP leech and an ordinary moveset and cool WA while gael's oddly has slightly more range, an notable follow up R2 (2nd R2), and a godly WA that generates some delicious salt.
W/ 66 Strength and 24 dex the 2h AR is 527, 1h 495. +10 of course.
Been having a lot of fun with this sword. Love the look of it and that it does strike damage. Strike is very nice against other heavy armored players as those kinds of armors tend to lack strike defense. The moveset is nice and quick, weapon art is badass. You can buff it too. Only drawbacks to this sword are it's range is a bit subpar compared to other weapons, and you cannot infuse it. The FP regen is actually nice if you enjoy using the weapon art a lot when playing through a level, but overall I would have prefered to have it be an infusable weapon instead of this little special ability. I also noticed that when invading as a mad dark spirit, when enemies die in the hosts game you will get the 6 fp. Not sure if thats for dark spirits too or not, but it is a thing.
It doesn't make any sense how the broken version outshines the actual one in EVERY SINGLE *****ING WAY
Sounds like L1 spamming RKPGS metaboi got owned and outsmarted one too many times by PvP lords using this weapon.
It's a boss weapo, a boss could literally be slinging his own***** at you and it could probably two- shot you because dark souls.
bruh rkpgs meta is way too outdated do you even play the game
I don't get it, Gael's sword is the broken blood rusted version of this but its just far better.

They both deal strike damage

Gael's has a better moveset and weapon art

Gael's has better reach and damage

They both deal strike damage

Only difference Executioner's have is that useless fp drain thingy when you kill people. Why Fromsoftware WHY



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It's because it's Gaels weapon so you learn his technique and bare in mind that blood is the blood of the dark souls which is most likely what adds to its power
Hurr burr hurr gael weapon broke better than gael not borked weapon.

Clearly we're getting the version that got upgraded to +10
Bonus This weapon is actually looks just like the Executioner's Sword from Germany in the 1600's