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Paired well with the blacksmith hammer in the other hand. Really shows them, Europeans who the boss is.
better dead than red, comrade
got a spare one of these, sooperdooper9 on ps4. would appreciate creighton's steel mask in return
This thing is soooooo GUUUD. Was worth the farm. Dont listen to these smelly trolls.
Lol, got this without even farming, with no item discovery gear, on the first time i killed the enemy that drops them.
What's the point of this weapon? It has low damage, ok it's a dagger, but 100 crit??
Am i so lucky? I have played the beginning of ds3 like 100 times AND HAVE NEVER NOT GOT THIS WEAPON.
Does this thing maybe have value as an elemental weapon? It says it bypasses defenses right? Which should mean that the sum of the split damage should get through without the problem of double reduction normal elemental weapons would get?
Isn't it just like the Shotel? meaning it bypasses shields not a character's actual defense & armor
Been Farming For about 3 hours havent gotten it ;(
I've never gotten this weapon. I have 1279 hours put into this game.
Why does it say frost AUX for the poison infusion? is it rally that *****ed?