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When I'm standing under tall bosses like demon prince, the second 2hr1 can sometimes hit twice, I'm pretty damn sure.

Also when you wear it on your back it clips through everything I love it
I can't believe how heavy infusions aren't mentioned here.. with 66 in strength and 10 in dex (too meet the min requirement) this baby gets 676 AR two-handed
Don't tell anyone you put that point into dex though... shhhhh...


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dex user XD
This things moveset is great!
I find it cheap tbh, the R1 at least which can guarantee your death if you're caught by an r1 from a r1 spamming scrub
The rolling attack is worse then the thrust rolling attack i think , its so telegraphic
Guts and blood and blood and Guts
damages you even when it gets 5m left or right from you in the ground. What is wrong with FROM? Why don't let me punish the R1 spammer scrubs?
Uh, that's the point of the moveset? Overhead strikes are narrow and have little area coverage. If there was no aftershock, it would too easy to punish this weapon and others like it, effectively nerfing it. You're just a dumb kid who doesn't understand design, is all.
My love for this weapon is like a truck.

don't you find it's name kind of ironic?
"This ultra greatsword, with it's thick blade, is one of the heaviest of its kind" Fume Knight: "Hold my estus flask"
actualy this one is bigger
Well at least longer