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If anyone's wondering why there's so much creepy experiment thingies here like the tree women I believe that one of the ice spell descriptions mentions that Pointiff Tryhard grow up here and considering all the creepy creepsters he has created with his experiments at his current abode it's not surprising that he made some at his childhood home too.
The ?? item in the window above the Corvian Settlement bonfire is a Large Soul of an Unknown Traveller. Additionally, Sir Vilhelm does not heal infinitely, I think he healed 3-4 times during my fight.


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I get the impression Dark Souls 3 is a prequel to the first game and the painting girl is a young Priscilla.



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Well, "time is convoluted" after all... though there are quite a few differences between the characters, and there's the problem of people in the outside world being dead or changed from what they were in DS1 (just look at Gwyndolin).
That said, FromSoft likes reusing assets, characters and storylines in some way... you could argue about reincarnation or that the painted world is on a time loop/different timeline to the rest of the world. Plus, we never meet the painter Ariamis. It could very well be that, while the Base Game DS3 plays in the future (Irithyll is built on Anor Londos ruins, Gwyndolin is dead etc...), the Painted Worlds are on a reverse, looped or simply different timeline: that Ariamis and Priscilla from the first game are the future, while Ariandel is the painted world of the Past, with Ariamis yet to have been painted.
It's really complicated and messy, though, make of that what you will.
If you really wanna go the whole time convoluted thing with the paintings being in reverse what about if the young girl is Ariamis and Yorshka has to go into her painting to hide after the Age of Fire ends and the rest of the gods begin to fade and changes her name to Priscilla?
Strange, an entire two areas are left out of the maps, one of them shows how you access the final boss fight as well... Are there plans to add a map for the Depths of the Painting and Crypt of Bugs areas?
Back up the path from the bridge at the rope bridge cave bonfire, there is a fork in the path ahead to the left. There at the end you can find an item on top of the bottom tier of what looks to be 3 more tiers of cliff above it. I have no clue how to get to that item, or what that item is. Does anyone know what it is, and/or how to get to it?
Go past where you fight the big wolf and through the ruins with the Millwood knights. Eventually you'll reach it after you encounter the wolf a 2nd time.
I was invading in this area and a wolf followed me around and would stay about 6 feet away from me.. Couldnt attack it either. Seemed like it was trying show the host where i was
Or provide you with support.
Just finished completing the area and respawned in order to do some co-op. Was met with a dialogue from a voice of unknown origin saying something along the lines of: "At last I've found it... a place to call my very own..."
Anybody have any idea what this is, and where or who it came from?
I checked and can confirm it is not the NPC who greets you upon first entering the Painted World, as he only repeats the same exhausted dialogue sentence. Very strange..
I heard the same, i just assumed it was the first guy who greets you in the cave
Its from one of those birdlike peeps in the settlement, theres one in the cave by the first bonfire (where you enter the world for the first time)
If you heard it in the chapel it was probaly the painter in the attic
The maps don't make sense at *****ing all, where is the connection between the bridge and the cathedral?
this is the worst *****ing map i've ever seen
Nah, the Frigid Outskirts in the Dark Souls 2 DLC Crown Of The Ivory King is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY worse. See how I dedicated an entire line of text to the word "way"? Yeah, it's that annoying.
The description say recommended lvl 60-70. Im lvl 68 at the moment but cant get any co op (can't summon or be summon) what lvl do people play this dlc at?
I'm just over lv100 and there's a whole lot of signs by ever bon fire