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If anyone could help me with this boss on PS4 that would be appreciated.
PSN - TriiCkz_Reiss
This battle has been a "why is it better to dodge a thrust by dodging to it's direction instead of it's sides?" For me.
I don't know what the percentage is or what but he dropped his gauntlet when I helped someone as a white phantom.
Melted the boss with crypt greatsword (DARK +5) without taking damage and he committed seppuku. Each light swing dealt 914 damage and heavy did 1190 damage (with dark weapon buff). He took total of 10-11 hits to die. Hexxer build btw
What element is he most weak against?
Probably lightning, the bane of metal armor.
He appears immune to poison, I was using an "Anti-Heavy" setup where I wielded a mace for strike damage and spotted-whip for poison, as heavy armor has low poison res and it entirely bypasses defense, however it appears as though he cannot be poisoned at all.
This is by far my most favorite fight in dark souls 2, the idea of 2 warriors going toe to toe with each other at the top of their strength, you walk in and he accepts your challenge, and the battle is on

This is my favorite fight and I highly recommend it

Also I went with an aggressive attack build