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I really want to see what the snuggly crow looks like
Free waifu
The items wich are responded with pump-a rum can be traded once per new game. The ones wich are with pickle-pee only can be traded once per character.
That's bull*****and everybody knows it. All are once per new game, you can do it as many times per character as you want, just have to take it into the next NG each time you do.
I Just dropped all of my consumable items ... (including all of my Embers)
she saw them and said " OH! that's ... pickle-pee, pickle-pee!! "
and then, she gave me NOTHIN!!! JUST NOTHIN!!! Ate all of my EMBERS and GAVE ME NOTHIN !!!
what the hell?!!! :||
The Sacred Chime of Fillianore does not work as a trade for sacred chimes.
lewd bird noises ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
If you trade the Avelyn to Pickle Pee for the first time it gives you the Call Over gesture.
It gave me that gesture after trading three or so items, may have been coincidence
It gave me that gesture after trading three or so items, it may be a coincidence.


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You get it the first time you trade with it. It doesn't have anything to do with the items you trade.
If you stay too long in the nest, she gets exited and the dialog goes faster. Was kinda sweet.
I know :)
ok i have no idea what happned but when i finished the ringed i decided to go back and see if i missed anything iwth them and accidently dropped a pyromancy flame and to my suprirse they took it and gave it back to me fully upgraded from nothing to +10. as of yet i have not been able to replecate it and i have no idea why it happned
Fake, i just cheked out. it's fake, this Won't happen
You can get on the fire shrine roof passed the dude wirh a katana. Make a right passed him and the roof meets the grounds and you just walk up.