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I think that if another Bloodborne is made, it should be a different character set in the same time as the first, perhaps on a different hunting night. This would make it so bloodborne doesn't become a series, but rather a series of standalone titles. Don't forget, this game was just one night of many other Hunts.
If you played any of the Souls games, you will return to them a new person after playing Bloodborne. It basically sidelined all my shields and gave me tonnes more confidence with rolling/parries. It is such a unique game with genuine atmosphere, wicked challenges, and a much faster pace. Don't miss out on it because it doesn't have 'Souls' in the title!
Just a quick question, anyone still co-opting?
hundreds of people
it is quite active, especially chalice dungeons BUT in my experience hit and miss in game
This is in my top 5 for best games ever, along with Circle of the Moon, Metroid Fusion, Fallout 3, and Dark Souls 1
Can people please dislike this comment, I wrote it and don't know how to delete it, it's *****ing AWFUL
Changed your mind pretty quick there, boss.
Necesito ayuda para matar a la bestia de clérigo , quien me da algunos consejos para acabar a esta bestia ???
No se deje intimidar por el tamaño. Permanece cerca de las piernas de la bestia y aprenda a esquivar los ataques. Además, no sé cómo leer o escribir en español, así que estoy usando el traductor de Google para escribir este mensaje!
Tienes que git gud
fyfaen fix den jævla kukkbossen som *****ings oneshotter trynet ditt gele tida det er sjukt irritererende og finnes inen counter fordi jeg prøver å dodge men den følger bare etter meg og det er umulig å vinne og ingen har klart det før fix det np forbanna kukksugerer av noen mannehorer eller damehorer hvis dere er dame eller i vårt tilfelle mentikorer. Andreas har en veldig fæl opplevelse og livet hans blir ødelangt om dere ikke fixer det forbanna kukksugene dritet som dere kaller et spill. null gøy, null utfordring, bare dritt og umulig skam dere
Get good.
Er ikke så ille vanskelig da må bare øve og farme nok
I only just noticed the thumbnail icons on this wiki are the trophy icons.
My character's stats are displaying wrong. My right hand weapon has one stat showing base attack instead of weapon attack. My attack is as strong as it should be.