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just observed my stamina. it does not regenerate but rather the consumption of the stamina is lessened especially when running
So does it work outside of a boss fight?
No, it only works when you're summoned
Sadly No but do know what would be cool... using the the divine spear ornament outside the boss fight.
read the notes section
When I was summoned through the covenant to fight a single player while having the young grass dew I noticed my Fp was raised from to 233->256, Poise 37,51->43,76. Absorptions varying, but nearly 7,00 each to both physicals and elementals. Every single resistance gained 33 points each regardless of their original value. Also I noticed that a summoned spear will always spawn homing soul mass -type of projectiles (5 pieces), but now that I had the young grass dew the count was 6.
I did not check if there were any changes without the item, but as far as I know a spear shouldn't get buffs without it against a single player.
Does this reset on a new NG cycle like the other key items?
No, once you get the item it will stay in your inventory forever.
Nope, you keep
I'm really dissapointed that the only items you can from getting ganked as a "boss" are items that you can only use to "help" you not get slaughtered
**** item, you are not getting summoned in that covenant really often, so farming them up is your best bet...
unfortunately nobody is going to farm for that thing, because it's only useful when you actually got summoned, which as i said isn't the case most of the time.
well dealing with a boss who can possibly destroy your *** instantly isn't a fun idea, so i assume some people do that fight offline.
God, if only this was an "all the time" item and not just when you're summoned.